Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday Night Lives

Our show was not live last night. We had the night off because we worked the President's Day holiday. Weren't listening? I recapped it here. So since our show was not live, probably some of you are feeling ripped off, like you missed out on your entertainment because we needed to have lives. Trust me. I also missed out on some entertainment, like Cammer taking it all off in the chat room. However, I will cover quickly for you some of what I would have talked about on last night's show.

Drove to the supermarket and a woman ran across the highway in front of me, dressed head to toe in all black and carrying... A BABY! Earlier in the week, I complained about the lesbians walking their dog in a long black cloak. Do people want to die? Did no one retain anything from the safety discussions in elementary school? Then again, the lady in my neighborhood who jogs with reflecting tape striped up and down her on both sides looks unbelievably stupid. But still, can't there be a middle ground?

Freaky news in my email box from JC Adams of He was a guest on the show on Wednesday telling us all about the GayVNs this year (sans DNR). We were awesome there last year, by the way. Just ask YouTube! Anyway, as you know, Romaine and I spend a lot of time on the road promoting the show at pride events. A few years ago at Pride South Florida, I wanted to go out and the nice folks at Broadwalk offered to send one of their dancers over to pick me up and drive me so I could save some taxi money and get as drunk as I wanted. The dancer they sent was a hot Russian named Nickolay Petrov who was "gay for pay" as was his roommate at the time but he confided in me that he was actually gay but not to tell anyone because he didn't want his roommate to freak out, even though they were doing gay porn together. Ummm.... okay.

Anyway, flash forward and Nickolay is arrested for trying to kill an elderly Florida couple in a hired gun scheme gone awry and now JC informs us that Nickolay has been sentenced to twenty years in prison. Whoops! I wonder what happened to his super hot 70s muscle car with the cherry red leather interior. That was a sweet ride. You should have seen the jealous looks I got from the queens waiting at my hotel when that hot porn star rolled up in his steamy muscle car to take me away. But now he has been taken away. Oh well.

On a lighter note, I was just confirming on Friday my return to Pride South Florida this coming March 21st and 22nd. I will no doubt be back at Broadwalk and I plan to take a cab this time. Just in case! I also spent some time on Friday firming up my plans for Memorial Day weekend with Romaine at Adonis The Nightclub in Cincinnati for their pool party. I will even endeavor to get myself into some kind of shape (preferably not an oval) between now and then, which means no more banana pudding from the Magnolia Bakery. I also talked to the folks at Indy Pride and will definitely be back there on June 13th. All of our upcoming dates are listed over to the right here on the blog. Just click on the link for more info about that event.

Sorry you missed having a live show, but I didn't miss going to work one bit! I slept until noon. Made myself a pot of coffee. Lolled around in bed. And watched a lot of TV. Dollhouse (much improved, especially with that yummy Matt Keeslar guest-starring. Matty call me!), Battlestar (only 4 more episodes!!! NOOOOOO!!!! Jamie Bamber call me!) and Burn Notice (Jeffrey Donovan call me right away!). Romaine and I will have full TV recaps and more on what we did this weekend when we return to the air live on Monday! Have a good weekend bitches!


  1. The whole thing is so deliciously fetid. He gets to spend 20 years in jail where the remains of his good looks will be sucked out of him, then he gets to return to some third world shit hole. Here's hoping the opiates and hashish will flow aplenty while he cleans latrines and murmers, "if only...."

  2. People who dress in black at night are only being considerate because if they get hit by a car they won’t have be changed for their own funeral.
    Derek, good for you! I have faith that you will get yourself into some kind of shape for the Adonis pool party. Think, upside down triangle, upside down triangle. And honey, don’t deny yourself banana pudding! That’s your favorite! How about between now and then you can still have your banana pudding but on one condition: you have to suck it through a straw. Imagine all the calories you’ll burn trying.

  3. Oh my God, I know, Matt Keeslar was YU-MMY! That was the first time I watched Dollhouse, but you can be sure it won't be the last.
    -Anthony in Orlando