Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who Wants To Marry A Trucker (or at least have sex with one)

Hey Bitches, often during the What's Your Gay Problem Segment, our saviors Derek and Romaine are asked by many of our trucker listeners, "How do I meet another truck driver?" Well, I'm about to answer (or at least give you a place to start) that question for you. (and all of you non-truckers, you can use the same advice to meet truckers too). I have gone 'round the Interwebs to compile a list of 21st century dating and hook up sites that market themselves to truckers and the people who love them. Unfortunately, for all you lesbian truckers out there, no one loves you because I couldn't find one place for you to meet, so I am not discriminating, I think it is because every knows lesbians are cheap and won't shell out the coins for a membership (sorry ladies, it's a horrible stereotype).

Often times when The Bitches would get this question, they would often send people to, well, I am sorry to inform everyone that this site closed down on 3/1/2009 due to economic concerns, but TC and Tuffhawl now have their own blog, which has many of the same features the site did, including message boards, hot pics and fun stories, you can check it out at

The next two on the list I am going to tell you about at the same time. They are and, the reason I am putting those into the same review is they are both the product of a fellow Derek and Romaine listener Trucker Jeff. He seems to have to corner of the market right now on hooking up the truckers., in my opinion, is more of a message board, it is almost like traveling back in time to 1993 and cruising online like the good ole days. It does have a chat area, but the number of people active on the site seems limited. does offer free access and a $2.95 per month Gold Upgrade Package, that also in my opinion, doesn't really give you all the much more than the free access. Regardless of the limited content, free is never a bad option.

Next is Trucker Jeff's other site, it also is a little more on the low tech side, but it has a fair amount of members, it has the highest price (of the 3) of $15.95 per month (with discounts for longer) for a Gold Membership. The Gold Membership Upgrade gives you access to additional pictures and Webcam Chat. All in all, it will definitely give you some options of meeting someone.

Finally, there is, definitely has a different feel from the other two websites with more of a polished look, but it has many of the same features of the other two websites mentioned. It does have instant messaging, profiles with tons of pictures, video, message boards and chat (unfortunately no webcam option though). Where it does have a free membership option, it is very fairly priced at $19.95 per year for membership that gives you access to all of the upgraded features.

Well, that's it Bitches, those are the sites that are available to meet truckers. Now, these websites aren't really designed for you to meet a husband (they are mostly for sex) but there are some nice people who are on these sites and you will probably have some luck for whatever you are looking for. Catch you later Bitches.

Trucker James


  1. Thanks, Trucker James. If I wasn't at work I would look at some of those sites.

  2. OR - if you have an iphone, there is a new program called Grindr - that lets you find out how far away you are (in miles) from another gay user... and exchange messages to them if each of you like what you see from their profiles.