Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hey bitches! Okay, I get it. My blog is too long. It's just that there has been so much show content to share. However, I am going to try real hard to make this blog smaller.

Derek, as he sometime does, jumped the gun for Desperately Fucking Angry which is slated for the 4th hour, ranting about the drivers in his town and a particularly treacherous 5 way stop. Do you think he moved there so, while his own driving skills might be lacking, because everyone there drives so bad that he looks good?

Carson Kressley was the first guest. He has a new clothing line on QVC and has some upcoming appearances on QVC to promote them. Check out times and dates at his website, Carson was his always adorable self!

After Carson, our lovely Michelle in San Francisco called in and "horror of horror" she called Derek a "shit bag" at which time he gave her a double hang up! Is the lovefest between Derek and Michelle in jeopardy?

The next guess for the "Dildo Whisperer" segment, was Eric from Pyrexions, a glass sex toy manufacturer. You can check him out at They make a durable, artistic product and it even comes in purple, Romaine's favorite color. Custom orders are accepted.

In the second segment of the "Dildo Whisperer" we got some very helpful advice for all of those who enjoy anal sex. Chew gum-helps relax the muscles! There were also questions about everyone's favorite, premature ejaculation and horniness.

In the XXX showcase, the guest was one of my personal favorites and someone I think we all enjoy. Mr. Pam!!! You can find Mr. Pam at Myspace (mrpam). She has left her native San Francisco, and is now living in New York and is the creative director for Lucas Entertainment. She was at the Gay VN's over the weekend and gave us all the scoop including how Lucas Entertainment won for best orgy scene with Black Scorpion and I think best package design?

Mr. Pam went on to talk about downsizing in porn like everywhere else. Models are getting paid less, budgets for films are smaller, etc. She has recently finished a new, socially conscious film called "Entrapment", inspired by all of the gay men falsely arrested in porn stores in NYC.

Then it was classic moment time in honor of the show's upcoming sixth anniversary. We went back in time to 2004 and a very hot scene with porno starts stripping and having sex right in the studio. Ass eating also occurred and Romaine let slip that her brother Sabin is someone who enjoys that activity!

There was then a blast from the past about "Geek night" at Derek's old apartment. The moral of the story was, do not drink alcohol with your antibiotics! People might find out you have gonorrhea (this is where the opening quote "p.s., I have gonorrhea" came from)!

Romaine and Doria are at the Dinah this weekend. One of my personal favorites, Erik Rhodes
Erik Rhodes

will be cohosting with Derek Thursday night and Friday, Derek will be with Frank on the Frank DeCaro show and Doria Biddle will be the "D" in DNR show!

This is my short perspective (pictures just make it look long-LOL). Love and Hugs - Trucker Patti

P.S. Did any of you all find it a bit creepy when regular caller Jeremiah called in and talked about his sex life? When relatively annonymous people call in getting graphic, it is pretty interesting. When someone who we have been listening to several times a week gets graphic, it is just too much information. Horrors, it would be like me getting graphic! Relax bitches, that won't happen!


  1. Trucker Patty.. you do what ever you want to do with the blog.. it's your time to shine.. !

  2. Thank GOD! I was scared there for a minute that you were not going to blog. I mean we need to hear about the show and any parts we missed.
    Your pictures add to your blog where as some just have hot pictures up to get people to stop by and read.
    I could read your blogs all day Patti.


  3. Thank's Patti. I'm sure everyone loves Eric, but at the same time, I think in Jeremiah's head it was a legit question.

    It's amazing how people get singled out. I'm sure if Jeremiah read this thing he'd find it amusing you actually mentioned him. Although, I doubt he would let it go to his head like Stanton.

    As far as Eric Rhodes goes, I'm sure he's a nice guy, but I rather have had Diana or Ducky on as the Guest Co-Host. I just think Eric is boring and that Ducky and Diana are a lot more fun. Then again that's just my two cents.