Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Perspective (From My Drug Induced State)

OH MY GOD!!!! Here I was sitting in my recliner in my Vicodin haze watching a rerun of Project Runway and not paying attention to the time when Low Gear calls me.

"Are you listening to DNR," she asks, and I said, "no; didn't realize it was already show time."

"Trucker James got robbed last night and he is talking about it on air," she said.

So, I hoisted myself out of the chair and tried to hook up the car radio in the house and couldn't get a signal. I got out the trusty laptop and went to listen online. These days, however, it is no longer free. You have to pay an extra $2.99 a month to listen online. Well, bitches, being the loyal listener that I am, I had no choice but to whip out the trusty credit card and sign up.

When I finally got the show up, Jamie Kennedy Wannabe: A Hollywood Experimentwas just ending his interview so I won't be blogging about it except to say you can catch him on the "Ghost Whisperer" on CBS, Friday nights at 8pm or at
What I want to know, though, is a ghost whisperer anything like a dildo whisperer? I don't know, but I can't imagine Romaine would enjoy talking to dead penises or dead vagina's!

Then, you lucky bitches, you got to hear my drug induced ramblings for a few minutes.

Then Derek and Romaine took a little walk down memory lane to the time when Derek helped out the "Whatever Girls" when Jennifer had to leave early and Derek cohosted with Alexis. Derek says Alexis likes him best.

Michael Lucas of Lucas Entertainment;; or, was the next guest. He has a new series of fetish films out including, "CUM", "FARTS " (all farts were created through pumping air into asses, not waiting for normal ones), "FEET" and "PISS" as well as two films "ripped from the headlines", "Wall Street" and "Entrapment". Michael then had some callers, including Trucker Darren with an underwear fetish, Chuck in Ohio who likes dirty, stinky sweaty feet, Darren in Oregon who is into African American Men pissing. John called wondering about Michael appearing to smoke in some films when he purports to be antismoking and our own hot mess, sounding disturbingly coherent and focused, Ryan in Connecticut talking about a "New York" magazine article about Michael's rise the hard way (no pun intended-well maybe just a 5 inch one, not a 10 inch one) through hard work and the American Dream!

Michael states he likes to do films featuring New York City, because he has lived there for 12 years and considers himself a "New Yorker".

Okay, bitches-"America's Top Model" is on and then "American Idol" and I don't have a DVR or Tivo, so this is it for me, tonight. See ya tomorrow! Hugs - Trucker Patti


  1. Where do you pay to listen online i called and they said no online hook me up trucker patty. Thanks

  2. Trucker James what happened? =( I missed that part of the show too!

  3. You don't need to pay to listen online. You only pay the 2.99 for HQ radio which isn't different from the free player. Sirius XM is great and all but they are not very good at keeping up with accounts. I have my car radio and online account free. Also many of my friends that purchased a Sirius radio never called to connect it b/c it was already active out the box.