Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fun In Florida

The Pool Party is Sunday but Saturday night, I was hanging out in Ft. Lauderdale with some of the boys from who will be at the party. That's porn star Luke Riley with his head shaved in the middle left, and on the far right, porn star Tommy Defendi with arm around newcomer Bobby Rail.

At Boardwalk, we were doing a silent auction of gift baskets full of porn to raise money for the Travis Fund. To give you a closer look, I asked Chad Michael Murray lookalike Bobby Rail to take off his shirt and show them off.

It was a hot night in Florida! More photos from the pool party to come!


  1. Holy Cow! Thanks for posting the photos Derek. You must be in heaven! I hope tonight goes well. Good for you for helping out Travis.

  2. Oh wow, you're so cool you get to hang out with porn "stars" Get a life...the only reason they were hanging out with you is because you share a radio show on OUTq...thats the only reason! BTW let Romaine TALK...shut up once in a's not the Derek show it's Derek AND Romaine! No one cares about a pathetic life of a 30 somehting year old queen who STILL has a roommate! LOL

  3. the blonde would make do............ buddah

  4. Exciting! The life of a star...glamorous and porn-filled!

  5. Reminds me of "Rocky", from the Rocky Horror Picture Show--hot!

  6. Bobby needs to STOP HIS HOTNESS RIGHT NOW. *wink*

  7. Derek,

    Your time spent with Bobby Rail was a gift from
    God leading you into life as a middle aged man.
    To quote Frank DeCaro, "There is always someone
    out there that will look at you as a go go boy
    no matter how old, fat or ugly you may be."