Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's coming....

This week we've all been getting ready for the release of the much anticipated documentary, "I Want My Gay TV!" Derek has been working his ass off to get this masterpiece together. Yeah I think it's appropriate to call it that, because according to a masterpiece is, "a person's greatest piece of work, as in an art; anything done with masterly skill." The long hours of editing and overall imput put into these really heartfelt interviews warrants this title. Everyone here at DNR and OutQ are really proud of this documentary. We can't wait for you all to hear it too! :-) Super excited!

The official debut is THIS Friday, March 12th. It is expected to be a star studded event...fingers crossed. Listeners are encouraged to call in that night with questions and comments about the special. So stay tuned for more information as we approach the big day!

1 comment:

  1. I loved your documentary so much I listened to it twice. Very very well done. Also, as a trans person, I so appreciated your inclusion of the wonderful Calpernia Addams. I hope to hear more documentaries like this.