Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Intern Katy's First DNR Blog Post!

Hello bitches!  It's about that time I drop my first update on here about my experiences so far as an intern for the DNR show.  I'm more of a tweeter and less of a blogger and I hate writing about myself, so bare with me here hahaha.

Well now... where do I begin?

I'm a Communications/Media Studies major at the College of Staten Island.  Upon the start of my internship here with the DNR show, I had set a lot of learning goals for myself. 
I wanted to
-learn the logistics of putting together a segment of a radio show.
-become an asset to the DNR show as well as the LGBT community
-broaden my knowledge about the political and personal aspects of the LGBT community
-broaden my knowledge on media studies

-become as involved and helpful as I possibly can for the DNR show
And ultimately
-take advantage of all and any opportunities that may present themselves

My first week and a half with the DNR show and Sirius radio has flown by!  And let me tell you, in that condensed period of time, I've already started to accomplish most of my goals!  I've become relatively acclimated with the DNR show logistics and as my time here progresses, I'm meeting more people, learning & perfecting new skills, and I'm having a blast while doing all of it.

Of course, I've had my fair share of mishaps.  While labelng CDs for the show one day, it took me a good 6 or 7 discs later to realize I had been labeling them on the wrong side.  Another one of my fuck ups was the reason why "Ray in Philly" was translated to "Billy in Philly."  Sorry guys!  I promise I'm getting it together now and I'm hoping my embarrassing fuck ups are becoming minimal as I become more alert and self aware.  Maybe one day I'll even share my hilariously embarassing ditzy moment during my interview with Romaine that I was pretty sure was going to cost me my chances as an intern.

I've also learned about some things that I wish I could have gone my whole life without knowing.... ahem, Hot Carls. 

Anyway, this has been a great learning experience.  Derek, Romaine, Ishaq, and Katie have all been really helpful and have been great mentors.  I'm really excited to be here and I know by the end of my internship, I'll have accomplished all of my goals in full.

Until Next time,
Katy Irizarry

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