Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012 Listener Survey

This is it! Your once-a-year chance to tell DNR what you really think of the show. Anonymously!

For a short time, we want your input on Derek and Romaine. Tell us what you love, and what you'd change. It is fast, easy and best of all: anonymous! And we want ALL of our listeners to participate. So, no matter who you are, take the survey now! Your comments WILL help shape the coming year of the show, so don't miss out on this rare opportunity to give your ideas!

Then tune to DNR in the week of April 30th to hear the results LIVE!


  1. Really enjoy the show! Derek is hilarious! I LOVE his sense of humor. He is so entertaining and fun. After a hard day at work he's great to listen to! I love when he shares his stories with the listeners ~ everything from his outings to Home Depot to buy bulbs to talking about his grandfather's car . I laugh until I cry. Derek really IS the show.

    I always enjoy Hedda Lettuce. Very entertaining and interesting.

    "ADD" Jeff ~ I'm sure he's a nice guy but I really avoid listening to him on the "Happy Hour" on Friday especially if Derek isn't on. Not fun. Same with Romaine with or without Derek. I've really tried to keep an open mind ~~ but if she really dislikes the listeners so much and always seems so irritated by the fact that she "has" to come into work maybe this isn't a good job fit for her. If I had her attitude and distain my company/colleagues they would have fired me a long time ago. Trust me, as a long time listener it comes through loud and clear each and every show. Derek plans for the show and has topics. Romaine just "mails" it in. I listen to your show on my way home, I work with people like Romaine all day long, week in week out, etc. I don't need to be trapped in the car with "that" on my ride home. At least my coworkers aren't eating and talking with their mouths full for 4 hours. Seriously Romaine, eat a decent meal before you go on the air. It's not the listeners fault that you can't go without eating for 4 hours.

    Have you ever thought of Hedda Lettuce as a possible replacement for Romaine?

    Romaine is going to talk herself right out of a job. Just saying. I know we have a choice in what we listen to so in a nutshell... I choose to pay for Sirius/XM and I choose to listen to Derek...but if I want Derek then unfortunately I am stuck with Romaine.

    You asked us to be honest. So please don't roll your eyes when you read what we have to share. I am not OutQ's target demograph. I am 31 year old, married, hetero female born in Jersey and living in Denver, CO. How did I find OutQ? I was scanning through the stations on my satellite radio while stuck in traffic, Derek was on...he was hilarious and have been a fan ever since!

    As a listener, thank you for asking for and allowing me to share my feedback.

  2. Me thinks she does PROTEST too much. Can you say closet lezbot?

  3. After hearing your show last night I wanted to do the survey and the date at the top of this is messed up I guess.

    Sorry I wasn't in the ONE percent - I LOVE your show....everything about it !!!!