Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer Hangover Leftovers

If you're on the East Coast, the chilly weather is arriving! However, we're still debating if it's appropriate to get the Pumpkin Spice latte at Starbucks. Hmm..not yet ready! As we gear up for our Gay Days broadcast and diving into the Fall leaves we have one last summer recap for all who were too hungover from Summer and stuck under the covers!
/baskit/ wear

To bring the chilly weather over in NYC to a more steamy temperature, we had the BASKITwear team stop over in studio a few weeks back when summer was still HOT! Ken Loo accompanied by a handsome model played a showing and telling of the hottest colors and cuts of men's underwear. For those of you who were listening that night...Romaine had her fun with the model!

pia zadora
Coming fresh from sold out shows in Las Vegas, Derek & Romaine welcomed the lovely Pia Zadora to the NYC studio. We almost had to pinch Derek...but all was well. She told us about her shows in Vegas to being honored with presenting at the Golden Rainbow Awards at the Las Vegas Ribbon of Life fundraiser later this year.

To keep the wheels a-moving on this little update for you all, we couldn't forget about our donating efforts for Cycle for the Cause...oh this is a reminder by the way that the race is close....VERY close! So if you haven't donated yet head over to Team Outspoken (click here) and get those donations in!

That plug brings us to the The Will Clark Show featuring P*rno Bingo Thursday event we had a couple weeks ago at The Ritz in NYC in support of Team Outspoken. To provide you all with a little flavor of what the event would bring, a few rather good looking gentlemen took a stroll over to the show. In studio, they chatted about their recent projects and what you can expect from them in the future.

the will clark show featuring p*rno bingo
It's time to wrap up this post, so we hope you got caught up! However, it's time not to keep reading but to tune in to the show!! Because nothing is better LIVE?! Don't forget starting September 13, we are now on SiriusXM OutQ Channel 108 from 8-11 PM EST! So you'll know where we'll be! ;)

Also, we are still collecting donations for Team Outspoken, and if you missed the first link, here it is again....right HERE! ;)

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