Wednesday, May 9, 2012


"The time has come ... to sashay away!"

Today is my last day interning for the Derek and Romaine Show ... and although I may be hanging up the headphones, I will forever wear the "Princess Eric" crown.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Party Planner Wade Williams Shares Summer Drink Recipes!

The fabulous Wade Williams, party planner and caterer to the stars will be joining the show tonight at 7PM EST to discuss summer parties and picnics. For more on Wade visit PicnicLA. Here are a couple of his recommended drink recipes:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Princess Eric is at the keyboard ... so the big ol' queens from Big Gay Ice Cream better look out!  Just because I wasn't in the studio during your last visit, doesn't mean I'm not privy to the house you tried to drop on me! (By the way, neither of you responded to my brilliant idea of having Princess Eric as the featured summer cone)  Will these two ever get it together in a timely-fucking-fashion?  Speaking of fashion, at least they managed to promise me a proper fitting T-shirt, however, they also sent me a pic of tattered cum rags via my twitter account, which is @PrincessOfCock  Love Ya, Queens!

A lot has gone down over the past few weeks ... about as much 'going down' as former Intern Christian does on the first of each month.  You know that's a-fucking-lot, because the geriatrics, also known as his customers, get their Disability and Medicare checks on the first.  Direct Deposit to Christian's Pocket! #makethatmoneyhoe

But on with the show ...