Wednesday, May 9, 2012


"The time has come ... to sashay away!"

Today is my last day interning for the Derek and Romaine Show ... and although I may be hanging up the headphones, I will forever wear the "Princess Eric" crown.
When applying to SiriusXM for the Fall 2011 internship, I asked to be considered for the OutQ channel, specifically The Derek and Romaine Show. I prayed to Saint Tammy Faye Bakker and did hail Mary's on Lady Bunny's old anal beads I bought on EBay ... And well, the rest is history.

As neither Derek nor Romaine want to be blamed for my entree into SiriusXM, you can thank Amber and Katie for subjecting you to my insanity and fabulousness.  Gluttons for punishment, they welcomed me back for a second semester, and like all good things, my role as an intern must come to an end so that I can pursue my dreams.

Last week, Romaine mentioned that people should pursue their dreams. I am doing just that ... and couldn't have done it without Romaine, Derek, Amber and Katie. Their support and encouragement are the springboard for this journey. I'm excited to see what this new life has around each and every corner.

I never viewed my work on Derek and Romaine  as 'just an internship.' I felt it was my job. It has become Home, Family & Friendship. I was welcomed from the very first day and the team's belief in me was expressed by allowing me several platforms of expression, that I would not have had otherwise. Whether it was blogging or antics on air, I will be forever appreciative for the opportunities this show has provided.

This same warmth and friendship was also extended to me by so many of the fun, crazy, sensitive and supportive listeners of the show. You will always be my 'babies' and I'm sorry to say this, but all the future interns will fail in comparison when answering your calls. There's only one Princess Eric, okaaay????  Thank you for all the fun conversations, Twitter follows, stalking me on FaceBook, expressions of love during the survey, listening to my show, LesBiGay Radio on WKRB, 90.3 FM in Brooklyn and all the dirty emails with dick and ass pics! Love You!

This summer I will graduate from CUNY Kingsborough with a degree in Broadcast Technology & Management . I received a scholarship to attend New York University Steinhardt this fall, where I will pursue a degree in Media Studies.

I have some fun career projects that I'll keep you and Derek & Romaine up to date on. Who knows, perhaps I'll be a guest one night and some silly ass intern will get me a Gingerale, walk me to the door and hail my fuckin' cab for a goddamn change!

I love you Romaine, as you are the sister I wish I always had. Thank you for your love & encouragement!

I love you Derek and will miss bringing out the gay in you.  Thank you for all the laughs and ... and side eye too!

I love you Amber and your Mommie Dearest moments and beatings with hangers made outta love.

I love you Katie and hope to be as fierce as you one day.

In the words of RuPaul, "This is the beginning of the rest of your life!"
I gotta go live it now.

Princess Eric



  2. You'll have your own show one day. Totally miss you not being on DNR!

  3. Hey Derek and Romaine-
    What were you thinking letting Princess Eric out of the studio?
    Chain him to the studio because he brings out the best in you both!

  4. A wonder 'asset' to the show!! Best of luck to you and i know we will hear from you again (on the airwaves.. not on tmz!!)
    frank in alexandria

  5. What is Princess Eric doing these days? I really miss his banter on the show! He had a fun personality. Great radio persona. Please wish him the best for me!