Friday, November 15, 2013

It's Fritzy aka Frenchie once again!

Hey Bitches,

It's me again!!!! Fritzy a.k.a Frenchie (in Derek's eyes)...

So here's what's been going on since my last post... I've finally learned to get the caller's names right. I haven't mistaken anyone's name since! I told you guys I'd get it right! I'm learning to work the studio board more and more, and Donny is proud of me! I would've cared, but I can no longer associate myself with Donny since he truly believes that I look like Sherry Shepard. Puh-lease!!! Sherry wishes she had all this hotness. But I think Donny just thinks all black people look alike, so eventually I will find it in my heart to forgive him :) I told him he looks like Whoopi Goldberg, so we're even.

I remember a caller asked me, who am I more intimidated by...Derek or Romaine? And now that I had time to think about it, I'm not intimidated by either one of you You guys are cool. You teach me more and more everyday what it takes to be a great radio host! You guys claim that you hate each other, but I guess that love/hate relationship is what works for radio. And I love it!!! And it also helps that Derek feeds me candy every now and then! How can I be intimidated by someone like that :)

I only have a month left to go and I'm sad. This is the best internship that I've ever done. I don't want it end, but I guess I gotta go sometime.

But I will never forget Katie's laugh, Derek's laugh (I mean who can forget that?), Romaine's complaints about her wife every now and then, and Donny's twerking!

But until then... I can't wait for more laughs to come, crazy guests, and of course, the crazy callers...And Katie- I will continue to wear cat hoodies in honor of you!

P.S- ...My Birthday is Dec. 21st and I expect a goodie bag full of dildos, sex books, and a DVD with Donny and Derek twerk battling :)

Fritzy = #TheBest
DNR = #TheWorst :)

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  1. Nice post and thanks for sharing some of the insides of the OutQ control room & studio activities. Best of luck in your career!

    Fritzy = #TheBest