Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When Drinking Goes Wrong...

On Friday's show, we took calls from listeners about nights of drinking that started fine and then went horribly wrong. It was inspired by my adventures last year at the Adonis Nightclub in Cincinnati where the hot straight bartender coaxed me into far more drinks than I should have had and things got woefully out of hand.

Our favorite call of the night came from a listener named Kale in Ontario, Canada who told a story about getting drunk, putting on a bunny costume he had worn as a child and then performed a strip dance for all of his friends.

As drunken bunnies go, Kale is kinda hot.

It was a great story, but it is only made better with photographic evidence. Go bunny go!

Oh no. Bunny down! Bunny down!
I hope Kale makes it across the border to join us at Adonis this Memorial Day weekend so he can enter the swimsuit contest on Sunday, May 24th. He's got my vote!


  1. Does this make his feet lucky? Do we cut them off and make Keychains with them? DO we rub them for luck?

  2. LMAO Bunny down! Bunny down! OMG that just launched me into a full fledged giggle attack!


  3. A drunk bunny named for a cabbage. If only Romaine was there to complete the picture...

  4. thanks Derek, started my morning out well :-) - buddah

  5. i know rhta guy

  6. OMG he's 17...