Thursday, February 18, 2010

3 Weeks In

This is the kind of wang Madena and Sam like. Too small ya think???

Funky Cold Madena & Yo Adrianne

DNR intern "Yo Adrianne" here. So far so good. "Funky Cold Madena" and I are really enjoying ourselves and getting the lay of the land. Fun times last week talking about our favorite sex toys on air. Soooo all is well here at DNR. No more taking the wrong turns to the kitchen and ending up at a random door. I still manage to pull instead of push the doors around here. (that will probably never change) Madena has a crush on Derek, but as of the other night that changed to Hedda Lettuce. Hmmmm...let us see who her final "amore" is by our last day here. In other news.......our dear Mistress Sam left for her two-week trip to South Africa Thursday. How jealous are we!?!?! We shall miss her, but I think she left us in good hands with Romaine and Derek. There was a lot of work done to help keep things in order while she is away riding lions, tigers, and bears..OH MY! Well until next time......


  1. oops, "our dear Mistress Sam" not Mr Sam!