Thursday, February 11, 2010

Look who stopped in from good ol' Canada!!! ...the oh so hot Charlie David. Hmmm..if only he had removed that shirt from which he was bulging so nicely from....our minds can only wonder. All sex aside this yummy does his share of environmental and humanitarian work to make us all want to step up and do our part too!

Rafael Alencar, his 10" dinger, and camera gal-Mr.Pam paid DNR a visit with plenty of kinky porno DVDs to go around. They gave us the juiciest play-by-play of their on set SEX-capades....raunchy at its finest! Check out his moves on his official website.

RuPaul stopped by to promote the new season of Drag Race. This season looks to be more fabulous than the last! These divas aren't playing around! To find out the scoop on these gals check out the Logo site.

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  1. ok, so on 03/09/2010 you and Romaine were talking about the new season of "RuPaul's Drag Race". I didn't get to catch the whole segment, it was something I have been wanting to talk about. I know there is ALOT of great talent out there in the drag world,but I have noticed that she does not pick a worthy group. I mean, the winner is to be the "Drag Superstar". Well, some of the girls don't havew a chance. In the most recent episode, Morgan McMichaels and Sahara were in the bottom two, which shouldn't have been. Sahara has not done well this season. So, to get to the point of the post. I think mostly its a racial thing. Sahara should have went home Monday night. I felt that way last season and thought I was over looking something. But, it happened again this season. WAY TOO much to ignore.