Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Intern Blogs About New Experience In NYC

By: PR Intern, Averi Ahsmann

Ever since I was about 10 years old, my mother had always taken me to New York City. Whether it was in the winter or during summer, I always loved going to see a Broadway show or going shopping with her. There would be days when I would get on my knees and beg my mother to take me, and sometimes the answer was simply "no". As the years passed and I became more familiar with the city each time I went, I knew that someday I wanted to live here. The idea of lots to do and see, endless shopping, and one of my favorite past-times (going to see Broadway shows), all at my leisure excited me.

When I began college as a Journalism/Mass Communication major, we were strongly encouraged to take part in internships. It is a requirement in order for us to graduate that we complete 400 hours by May 2011. When I was first informed this, it all clicked. Spending 3 months in my favorite city, and really testing the waters. In the Summer of 2009 I accepted an internship position at a local TV station in my hometown, Syracuse, NY. I knew I had to gain more experience before I could actually make it to the city of my dreams. After gaining experience through that internship, and becoming more proficient in the public relations area through my junior year classes at St. Bonaventure, I finally had the confidence to apply for an internship in the city.

All throughout February and March of 2010 I applied for various internships, mostly in the city, but some locally to have as "back ups." When my professor strongly suggested that I apply to Sirius XM for an internship, I took the first chance I had. After sending in my resume, a few phone calls, and one interview I thought I totally blew, I patiently waited (or at least tried) to hear if I had gotten the position. The more days that passed without a phone call, the more my faith began to fall. One of the last weekends in April I received a call saying I got the internship. I was ecstatic but then reality hit, as I had no where to live and knew essentially no one in the city. This was something my roommate and I had talked about all year, living in the city together, but the difference was I was taking action and really doing it.

After a few recommendations as to where to live, I found a room through Educational Housing Services, and a Bona Alum here at Sirius, Jim Meyer, sponsored me and so graciously helped me to achieve this dream. I had anticipated June 6th for weeks, extremely nervous. That day came before I knew it. As many people discouraged me saying I was going off on a total whim, going to the city barely knowing anyone, I still had a good feeling about it. That morning my mom and step dad packed up my car and we began our trip. After a 7 hour ride (normally 4) stuck in traffic, we had finally made it and it wasn't long before I was unpacked in my "dorm like" room and saying my goodbyes.

It all hit, I was all alone in the big city, with few contacts and very unfamiliar with public transportation. I was extremely homesick the first couple days and was starting to question my decision about living here. After a week or two exploring the city alone or with my new found friends, I have become more and more comfortable with my surroundings. Although this experience is mainly about my internship, for me, it is also a lesson of independence. Relying on no one but myself, I have come to embrace this "new found independence" and couldn't be more pleased with my decision to move here, and take this "leap of faith".

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