Monday, June 28, 2010

Romaine Judges NYC Pride Parade

During the NYC Pride Parade, Judge Romaine took part in OURSceneTV's exclusive coverage of the parade.  OurSceneTV produced the most extensive coverage of the NYC Pride March ever.. To check it out click here. To watch Romaine's interview click here (or go to 4:01).

Check out other moments from NYC Pride:

And for more LGBT TV visit, 

Romaine and the rest of the judges at NYC Pride!

Grand Marshall Judy Shepard cruisin' with Romaine


Wonder what Romaine's thinking about..

One happy family.. look how cute Romie is!


  1. You said in Monday's DNR show u were sweating from the heat, did you exaggerate? C'mon get the story straight, too hot or not.

  2. Your kid is FAT just like you!

  3. The photos were taken at the beginning of the day.. when everyone was all full of energy and peppy. that changed by hour 3 of the parade.

  4. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Awwww what a nice family :) And to that anonymous individual who made the fat comment: For real? What a low life to say that about Romie. She's a cute kid, stubborn from what Romaine says but cute none the less. Chris in San Diego :)

  6. I love the pictures, I really enjoyed the one of romaine and her wife and adorable baby. Btw, to the person the has fat eyes I see a healthy beautiful 2 year old that would kick your kids ass in a hot new York second.

  7. How evil & hateful do ya hafta be to call a 2-year-old fat?

    She's cute--nice-looking family.