Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Derek Does Dallas!

At the request of hot shirtless (and married!) listener Shawn, here is an update on where and when to see Derek at Dallas Pride.

Derek is arriving on Saturday, September 18th and heading straight for Gay Bingo which is happening on Saturday afternoon in the Rose Room at S4. This is a really fun, great event and it benefits the Resource Center Dallas. So definitely come on by and have a great time at bingo. Then, later on Saturday night, Derek will be bar crawling on Cedar Springs Road. His favorite bar is The Round Up, so you will probably see him there at some point.

On Sunday, September 19th, Derek will be riding in the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade and then emceeing the stage at the rally at Lee Park after the parade. So if you don't get to meet him on Saturday, drop by the stage at Lee Park and look for the Sirius XM booth next to the stage. You can find Derek there!

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