Friday, October 8, 2010

Fun in the California sun

As soon as we got to LA, the Hollywood bigwigs couldn't resist giving every member of the show an Emmy

The kids came out in droves for DNR live from GayDays Anaheim

Derek sweeps listeners off their feet!
Alan Ball doesn't hate fangs, in fact he loves us

Listener Vanessa made special bears for Derek and Romaine, bears with HUGE tits!
The DNR Show makes porn star Trevor Knight excited
This is how Romaine welcomes our guests,
shaking hands is just soo impersonal

Carson Kressley gets his fashion advice from Derek

Michael Kuluva brings the fashion show straight to the DNR Show

What a cool Justin Bieber shirt!
Dominic Patten holds a special place in our hearts
Director Gregg Araki and 24's Mary Lynn Rajskub chat with us

Derek and Romaine take a seat in Brady's Pub on the set of Days of Our Lives

A man's man like Joe Mascolo is a DNR fan
John Aniston

Kristian Alfonso takes some questions
The Young and the Restless' Emmy-award winning producer Nancy Bradley Wiard
Suzanne Whang

Days of Our Lives' Star Peter Reckell

Charming Crystal Chappell was an awesome guest

Stargate Universe's Ming Na steers the DNR space-ship from the comfort of our comfy couch 

Sirius Playboy Radio's own Tiffany Granath

Ross Mathews gets in between the OutQ duo

Dennis Hensley comes in for a hug!
Christopher Rice

Live fans ask live questions

Enthusiastic Maggie Furlong with the duo

Caterer to the stars Wade Williams

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