Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So as everyone should know by now, Amber will be riding on behalf of the DNR show for the Braking the Cycle ride.

Amber's original fundriasing goal was $20,000. And yesterday, thanks to all of you generous and kind listeners, we reached our goal!

With this exciting break through for Amber, Romaine announced last night that she will be contributing her efforts to this ride as well by volunteering as a worker!  With this announcement, we have now raised our goal to $35,000!

Please, take the time to donate anything, even just $1 towards the fight against AIDS.  Every penny counts and it will only take just 2 minutes of your time.

Go to to learn more about this noble fundraiser and to donate to Amber.

Not convinced yet?

Here are a few facts that I copied and pasted right from the website that will better inform everyone about the Braking The Cycle efforts and cause:

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center has been at the forefront of providing services in the fight against HIV/AIDS since 1983.

The Center’s Mental Health and Social Services Department, its Youth Program and the related prevention and health policy programs serve more than 3,000 LGBT New Yorkers annually.

1,200 LGBT adults are annually assisted on-site, 33% of whom are people living with HIV or AIDS. An additional 1000 people are provided services off-site, for a total of 7,500 contacts per year.

More than 1,000 teens come to the Center annually for services and leadership training in HIV prevention.

Numerous HIV/AIDS support and advocacy groups meet regularly at the Center. But there’s much more left to be done. Please join the effort, and help us break the cycle of HIV/AIDS.

What Your Participation Buys

Your $3,500 in fundraising allows us to create and distribute over 2,000 safer sex kits.

Your $5,000 in fundraising will send eight at-risk youth to our summer camp – a safe space where they’ll learn to avoid HIV infection through adult and peer counseling.

Your $10,000 in fundraising pays for a full year of counseling for a group of 20 people newly diagnosed with HIV.

And if you'd like to cut out the middle man, here is a link that specifically links you to Amber's page where you can donate right to her =)

So please, help Amber and us at the DNR show reach our goal.  =)

--Katy The Intern

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