Monday, August 1, 2011

Update by Katy the Intern!

Let me start off this entry by saying I have a serious (no pun intended) case of the blues since my graduation from my internship with Derek and Romaine is less than a month away =(

In any case, we've had an exciting few weeks back at the studio after R Family Vacations.  While we've all been missing Hedda Lettuce who has been a phoner these past few Wednesdays because she has had a slew of comedy shows on the Hudson, we've still been graced by many exciting guests.

Here's a recap of last weeks guests!
- Mara Keisling of the National Center for Transgender Equality
-Ron Miller of Village Lighthouse, Inc
-Josh Berman, creator of Drop Dead Diva
-Tamie Adaya, of Shangri-La Hotel in Santa Monica
-Noah Levy of In Touch Weekly  (We had a super juicy Tabloid Tuesday this passed week between the passing of Amy Winehouse and learning that a crazy fan once left a baby on Dolly Parton's doorstep!)
-Ed Salvato (Travel expert)
-Patrick and Michael from A Note to My Kid (Very touching segment)
-Brian Gianelli from XFinityTV

And this week, we'll be joined by Zachary Barnett with the Abzyme Research Foundation, Christopher Heywood for NYC Tourism, Jeremy Blacklow, and Steve Hayes Tired Old Queen at the Movies upon many other exciting people!

Additionally, I'm proud to say I am finally working on a promo!!  I'm hoping that by the last week of my internship I'll be able to bang out a promo in minutes just like Katie!  I've had a few faux pas on the board (Whoops, sorry guys =/) and I definitely need to work on that, but otherwise, I am so proud of a lot of the work I have been doing here.  I love being able to be creative and do fun and exciting research for Derek and Romaine and I love being given new tasks because it makes me feel trusted and responsible.

I can't wait for you guys to hear my promos (right now I have only done one, but I will make it a mission to complete several more before my internship is over) and I truly am going to miss being here on the show with everyone =)

Until next time,
Katy the intern

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