Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dear Me

Dear Kingston,

Age 16

You're probably heading home from school right now after having a miserable day. Nothing makes you happier than being home with your mom and little brother ,dancing around the house to some Bruce Springsteen. When your at school your pretend to be someone your not just so you can be liked by everyone. You put on a smile to the world but your dying inside because you just want people to like you for who you are. But you know if people see the real you, your going to end up with no friends. Just be yourself and don't give a fuck what people think of you. Your going to make so many friends that will love you for who you are. Life is beautiful my friend. So here are some words of widsom that will hopefully make things easier for you

1) When you turn 18, you will recieve your first credit card. DO NOT USE IT!  Your going to get carried away and end up $8000 in debt. -____-

2) A girl is going to ask you to prom and your going to tell her to meet you at the Burger King. You never show up.  Don't be a dickhead and go with her, she turns out to be a model. Not that it matters anyway since your gay, but still!

3) Don't join sports becuase your friends are all in them. Follow your heart, if you want to be part of the math league, go for it. Who cares if they judge you.

4) Never leave home without telling your family you love them, you never know when's the last day you're going to seem them. Your only regret now at 23years old, is not going to see your grandma as much, because you thought she was never going to pass away. She died this August and you regret not telling her how much you love her

5) Your friends are going to continue asking you to do drugs. I know you are contemplating it, but dont give in. Just so you know, Brian is in jail for 5 years, Seth is in probation and works at Burger King, and Michelle is going to rehab. Don't end up like them.

6) I know your constantly stressing because you see mom crying every night, trying to figure out how she is going to pay tomorrow's rent. Mom is doing just fine and she bought her own house and car. Your going to be very proud of her.

7) Your going to go through so many heartbreaks, so just hold on tight

8)When you come out of the closet,  many of your "friends" are going to turn their backs on you. Don't worry ,those who matter will embrace you.

9)You can do anything you set your mind to. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise

So with that all said, your going to go through some good times and some not so good times.I know your not going to take any of this advice, and that's perfectly fine. Make mistakes and learn from them, they are what make you who you are. Everything in life happens for a reaso and i'm glad your going to go through the stuff you do. Keep your head up buddy.



P.S  I know you hate the name Christian, but in a few years you're going to regret being called Kingston

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