Thursday, March 8, 2012


Chip DeGrace of FLOR stopped by with awesome floor designs for the new Derek and Romaine office!

FLOR is a modular system of carpet that's beautiful, practical and responsible.  The possibilities are limitless and allow you to create any design, from conservative to bold!  You're the artist!

The 20" x 20" squares are easy to assemble.  They're also practical in that they adapt to your living space as it changes.  FLOR continues to add recycled content to everything they make, and when you're done using it, you can send it to them to RECYCLE!

Here's a video to introduce you to the fabulous world of FLOR 

Click HERE for more FLOR videos

Okay, now here's some even more fun.  Chip's designs for our office are amazing!  Take a look below and let us know what you think! 

Design #1:
Here, we used the striped pattern as the border, and added two different solid colors as
inset design elements, as well as a thin stripe of the striped pattern.
FLOR Styles:
• Custom-cut and Quarter cut
(border and thin inset).
• Full and custom-cut pieces
of any solid, any texture
(e.g. blue and black could
textured surface;
Rake Me Over, a plush/shaggy
surface; or, House Pet,
a hairy /whiskery surface)

Design #2
This design uses more of the colorful stripe pattern with a smaller, quarter-tile inset of the
solid color (which could be any color and any texture).
FLOR Styles:
• Full and custom-cut pieces
• Quarter-cut pieces in black,
which could be any solid
color in any texture
(e.g. Made You Look, a
textured surface; 
Rake Me Over, a plush/shaggy
surface; or House Pet,
a hairy/whiskery surface

Design #3
This design takes the concept from Design #4 but provides a more pixilated
design using quad cut pieces to define the segmented areas within the space by color.
FLOR Styles:
• Quad cut pieces of Made You Look in a
variety of colors.

Design #4
This design plays off of the favorite colors of each person in the office and defines their
“area” within the space.
FLOR Styles:
• Full and Half squares of Made You Look in
a variety of colors.

Design #5
This design follows the same pixilated concept from Design #3, but introduces textures in
a slightly more varied color scheme.
FLOR Styles:
• Quad cut pieces of Made You Look (textured cropped
• Quad cut pieces of Rake Me Over (plush shag-like surface)
• Quad cut pieces of House Pet
(hairy or whiskery surface)

We are loving it!  Chip chose designs and colors schemes that work fantastic with our retro inspired office.

To see all the beautiful designs and start putting together your great new space, visit FLOR at

Their blog is full of ideas and interesting design stories with pictures from people who love sharing what they've done in their own homes.  Check it out!

Thanks to Chip DeGrace and the designers at FLOR for making our office the coolest ... and co-worker envy of everbody here at SiriusXM!


  1. I think that you should do a pattern in the colors of the gay flag.


  3. Design #3 and #5 go well with your Muppet theme
    FLOR is an incredible product all the way

  4. Hi Derek and Romaine

    Love your show
    Love Your Muppet & Nintendo Blik decals
    Love Design #5

    Best of luck in your new office!

  5. i vote for number 3