Monday, March 5, 2012


What better way to make an entrance than to sashay in to the DNR office and be greeted by the KEITH HARING super deejay!

(Note To Security:  Princess Eric has his eye on the DJ84)

Amber's secret locked cabinets are decked out in the Keith Haring boogie! 

We decided to go with a retro theme featuring some of our favorite things!

Romaine is in absolute Muppet Heaven!  While Kermie is keeping an eye on Romaine and her Dildo Whisperer Toy Chest .... Fozzie is having a Peep Show with LubriKatie and Miss Piggy reigns high above on her throne!

Derek has plenty of game in town, surrounded by Super Mario Madness!

Thank you to Scott Flora and BLIK for making our office unique (and the coolest here at SiriusXM)

For more info about The Haring Collection, click HERE
and for the Muppet Collection, click HERE

Stay Tuned for more fun things as we continue to decorate the DNR OFFICE! 

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