Monday, June 11, 2012

Jerry at Large.

Hey All You Beautiful People!
It's Jerry (follow me on Twitter @JerryJetski & I will follow you back if you are not a creeper!), New Intern here on DNR & am super excited for the crazy shit on this show! What can I say?...

I am a 23 year old Jersey boy (a real jersey boy, not those crazy assholes you see on TV), currently attending Fairleigh Dickinson University after a brief stint at Penn State and recieving my Associate Degree in Liberal Arts at Commnunity College--third times a charm right? I major in Commnuication with a minor in Radio & Television Broadcasting and CANNOT wait until it's all over.

I found my way to SiriusXM through a class tour & thought wow it'd be really gr8 to work here. Then I discovered DNR through my fellow intern Donald & knew I had to make it happen. So here I am. BAM. And with Donald no less, whom I also go to school with & had a radio show with. What are the chances? Who the fuck knows but we are the best frenemies ever!

When I told my parents I got the internship, I withheld the part about it being on the OutQ channel. Whoops, except not really. Kinda in-the-closet when it comes to family. But otherwise I like a good gay club as much as the next fag. P.S. dancing is the cure for everything. Seriously, if your feeling down go shake your ass. I do it quite often at Deko Lounge because dancing on the blocks is the only way to do it =)

Random tidbits: I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit Rock-n-Roll so get it over it. P!NK is my all time favorite singer. I've only been in 2 relationships in my life & must say being single is pretty empowering. I try to be very balls to the wall and fly by the seat of my pants kinda guy. My eyes change colors with what I wear. I am a Libra. I can be pretty shy sometimes yet very obnoxiously fun when I come out of my shell. I have crazy hair and belong in Texas according to Donald. I am a middle child & have a large family that I love to death. My friends are awesome. I do stupid & crazy shit when I am inebriated. And the city freaks the shit out of me but I am ready to take it on. Get at me SiriusXM. So I leave you with these words until next time, "Live it up, fall in love, dance like no one is watching & all other bullshit comments!"


  1. You keep studying might just learn to spell. "currently attending Fairleigh Dickinson University after a brief stint at Penn State and recieving (receiving) my Associate Degree in Liberal Arts at (a)Commnunity (community) College (college)--third times a charm right (I sure as shit hope so)? I (am)major(ing) in Commnuication (Communications [dear God] with a minor in Radio & Television Broadcasting and CANNOT wait until it's all over."

  2. okay...honey. Thanks for being a rude asshole. Sure I fucked up my i before e, and added an extra letter to community...honest mistakes. However Communication is correct. here's the link for you to check that:
    I'd also like to note that this is an informal blog entry, so I'll capitalize whatever I feel like.
    You have a lovely day.

  3. Hey Jerry ... its non- Jack in NC who called in Monday night :-). Eerie enough, though, my dad's name was Jack. Anyway ... Shit dude your voice is so sexy I had to look your pic. You are way HOT dude!! Can't wait for your porn flix LOL. No, I am not some perv. I just know a hot guy when I see him!

    And to the other comment re: your spelling ... No matter how you spell it ... If you are receiving, I am giving! ;-)

    Seriously, good luck with your pursuits. ~K

    1. lmao thank you for that laugh non-Jack. [sorry for the late response] Make sure you tune in to hear me more often! ;) thanks for the support & keep listening =)

  4. Wow. Jer-bear may be the cutest intern ever! Hope you come back for another stint on the show :)