Monday, November 19, 2012

DNR Show Cruise Information

We hope all of you will want to join us for our 100th listener event on the very first DNR Show cruise to celebrate ten years of Derek and Romaine. Here are some quick details:

We will be sailing as a group out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL on the Ruby Princess on Sunday March 10th for seven days through the Caribbean. You can get more information and book your cruise at

We anticipate you may have some questions, so here are some of the most common questions we expect and some quick answers:

1. If I am interested, how do I book on the cruise?
We are working with two of our listeners, Robert and Kevin, the Cruise Boys, to help organize our group and coordinate the sailing. It is the same price to book through the Cruise Boys, any other travel agent, or the cruise line directly. However, if you don't book through the Cruise Boys, we can't contact you with information about where and when to meet up with Derek and Romaine and other listeners on the ship or include you in special events specifically arranged for our group.

2. Who can go on the ship?
We are a group sailing on a larger ship that will include people from all walks of life. We specifically chose this sailing because we felt that it was competitively priced and featured the most LGBT friendly ports in the Caribbean. Our listeners come from all age groups and all walks of life. Anyone who listens to our show is welcome to join us on this sailing. So, if you are gay, lesbian, straight, bi, trans or somewhere in between, join us! All are welcome.

3. How much will I really get to see Derek and Romaine?
During the course of the sailing, there will be regular activities featuring Derek, Romaine, or both of them together including disco nights with Derek, Romaine's karaoke, and an interactive DNR Q&A with both hosts together mixing it up and answering your questions. In addition, there is arranged seating for our DNR group every evening at dinner that you can join which will feature other listeners (as well as Derek and/or Romaine on most nights). As we get closer to the sailing date, we will send everyone in the group an itinerary of activities and events to participate in. Of course, participation is fully voluntary and you are free to enjoy all the great amenities of the ship and ports at your leisure. Plus, what a great way to make new friends!

4. Will you be doing the show from the ship?
No. This is not an official SiriusXM event. We are doing this cruise during our vacation. There will be a DNR interactive event with Derek and Romaine and the listeners but we will not be doing the show from the ship and none of the trip will be broadcast later.

5. Why are you doing a cruise?
Both of us enjoy the cruise experience and we have had a great time in the past interacting with people on our past R Family adventures. For our tenth anniversary, we really wanted to swing for the fences and do something we had never done before. And we thought this would be a fun way to bring our listeners together. The cruise line we chose has an excellent reputation with LGBT travelers and has DNR listeners among their employees. The Cruise Boys, travel agents assembling our group, are also DNR show fans so we felt they could really understand the needs of our listeners and help us put together a fun week at sea. And we know we have all kinds of listeners from all over. We wanted to do an event where everyone would feel welcome, no matter who they are or where they are from. Plus, all you can eat!

It has been almost ten years on the air and in that time, we have traveled all over North America with our listeners to approximately 100 pride festivals, gay days, lesbian events, rodeos and bar nights. For our 100th event and our 10th anniversary, join us for this once in a lifetime experience! We want to see you there.

If you have more questions, visit the DNR Show cruise FAQ.

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