Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blake Lewis Can't Lose!

Blake Lewis of American Idol dropped by the studio tonight to talk about his new album which is due in stores on October 6th. Here he is showing off the shattered face of his iPhone, disabled in some kind of celebrity go-kart tournament with Corey Feldman and Bobby Brady! He came in second, but it looks like his phone came in dead last!


  1. I Love Blake Lewis! So good to see an idol standing up for us. I wonder when Adam will do the same?

  2. I love Blake Lewis...and I am tres sad that I missed him on the show! Damn my inattentiveness!

  3. that link you guys put in for the iphone is either a porno site or close to it!!! i'm at work and you guys could have been a little more...discreet. i love you guys, listen when i can and this is the first time at your site. thanks guys later