Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gay Days Anaheim

Bad news!

Derek and Romaine won't be at Gay Days Anaheim this year. There was a problem with another event going on that night at the House of Blues and unfortunately we couldn't make it work. But the folks at Gay Days Anaheim, Disney and the House of Blues worked really hard to work it all out, so we want to encourage the listeners who were already planning to go to continue to go. Plus, there is still a great deal available from the Embassy Suites for our DNR listeners.

If you are planning to go, post a comment here on this thread to meet up with other listeners at the event. Here are some of the events at Gay Days Anaheim where we recommend listeners plan to meet up:

Friday, October 2nd
PRIDE Cocktails
5pm–7pm, Sorrell Room, Disney's Grand Californian Hotel
Join Disneyland PRIDE, an LGBT Diversity Resource Group for Disney Cast Members, as they welcome you to the Resort.

Saturday, October 3rd
Single Riders Meet Up
11am, Mark Twain Riverboat, Disneyland
Meet in front! Are you looking to make a new friend (or something more)? Maybe you have an odd number in your group and want to make it an even set. Whatever you’re hoping to find, meet in front of the attraction and we’ll sail the Rivers of America together. (And please wait in front until we bring everyone on board—we want to make sure everyone, um, cruises together!)

Sorry again that we aren't going, but we know the listeners who are there are going to have a blast! And hopefully we will be back next year!


  1. Okay Folks...if you are interested in a DNR Listening Tailgate Party on Friday from me at and I'll let everyone know location and details once secured.

    Thanks and let's make the most of it!

  2. WHAT?! And this was my chance to stalk Derek and Romaine in Anaheim...

    (time to update the 2009 events list)

  3. My BF and I were only going to Gay Days Anaheim because of Derek and Romaine. Sadly, we have now cancelled...

  4. That would be cool. I would be intersted.

  5. I'm so bummed. I wanted you both to sign my DNR FAN license plate.

  6. No Derek and Romaine? So that's why they call if the House of Blues =(

  7. Worst news ever!!!!! I already planned my afternoon and requested time off work! I just finally made it to their blog! My radio was stolen and I havent been able to listen! Blah....sadness falls upon me! :(

  8. I can't believe Derek & Romaine aren't coming to Anaheim after all that talk for months! What a crock of sh-t!