Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tory Mason Drunk

Yesterday on the show, I mentioned a video clip on YouTube of porn star Tory Mason drunkenly comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln, among other interesting insights. Here is the video:

After being at Voodoo Lounge all night in Ft. Lauderdale we went back to Howard from FabScout.com's house while Tory's boyfriend Dayton O'Connor made him a sandwich and Tory tried to watch Drop Dead Diva but his attention span (as evidenced by the video clip) doesn't really allow for doing any one thing for more than a minute or two.

We discussed me getting in trouble a year ago for asking a porn star on the air about the political situation in Myanmar and much to my surprise, Tory, in between a series of mindless antics, pulled together a cogent response to the question. Even drunk, he has the power to surprise with his intellectual abilities. But generally he likes to keep those very hidden.

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  1. Pretty pays, intelligence...not as often. Better to be pretty than smart...well at least in the porn industry