Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Derek and Romaine Have Books!

You enjoy the show, but have you read the books written by your favorite hosts?

Romaine was the first to come out with a book in 2005 when she released her memoir: The Whole World Was Watching: Living in the Light of Matthew Shepard. Then, in 2009, Derek released his first memoir, Colonnade: A Life In Columns.

Now, Colonnade: A Life In Columns is available for Kindle! So for those of you who have been waiting for the digital version, it is here now. It will be available for the iPad in the next week.

And coming in August, Derek's latest book, When Nightlife Falls. In the new book, Derek talks about his work life with Romaine, travels the country with outrageous porn personalities, and falls in love.

Want a sneak peek? Here is the photo that will be part of the cover of the new book.

That's Erik Rhodes, dragging model Christopher Schram along the floor. What do you think?

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