Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hey Bitches! I have to admit this blog post is long overdue. I've been on the show for nearly 6 months and I'm just now updating. We did do some introductions when I first started on the show but for those of you who don't know allow me to reintroduce myself. Prior to joining SiriusXM OutQ as the Executive Producer for the channel and for the Derek and Romaine show I was a producer at In The Life Media. In The Life is an LGBT documentary series that has been airing on public television since 1992. After six years on staff at ITL I decided it was time for a change, I'd been interested in radio for quite some time and obviously have a passion for LGBT issues and media so when a position opened up on DNR and on OutQ I jumped at the chance to join the team.

Now that you know a little about me it's time to get down to business, show me the money (and the love) bitches! Come on, I'm putting my pussy on the line (according to Romaine) and riding 285 miles on a BICYCLE from Boston to NYC in "Braking the Cycle" a ride that benefits the NYC LGBT Centers AIDS services. I will be riding on behalf of team Derek and Romaine - for all of those we've lost to AIDS, for you and for an end to the disease. Please support us by donating at it doesn't matter if you can give a lot or just a little, every bit helps and the faster we reach our $20,000 goal the sooner Derek and Romaine will stop nagging you about it. For the love of god donate, seriously, do we really want to listen to them non stop until September?

Looking forward to hearing from you during the show and thinking of you every inch of every mile (yep all 285 of them)


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