Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photo update!

So as you know, DNR has just returned from R Family Vacations at the Club Med in Sandpiper, FL.  And just so you guys know, as if she didn't already have enough, Romaine has returned with even more vinylmations!!

While we missed Romaine this past week because she stayed behind at Club Med and spent time with her daughter and neice, we had a blast in the studio with guest hosts comedians Dave Rubin and Adam Sank.

In other news, here are some pictures of Derek and Romaine with various guests who we had in our studio within the past 2 months =)

Here are Derek and Romaine with Rutina Wesley.  You most likely know her as True Blood's Tara Thornton... best friend of Sookie Stackhouse!

This dream boat posing with DNR is MSNBC's news anchor Thomas Roberts.... back off bitches, Derek called dibs!

Just a typical night in the studio with ADD Jeff... well, maybe it's not so typical considering the half naked stud Zachery joined us to mix up some cocktails for pride weekend here in NYC ;-)

Some adorable models displaying Baskitwear swim wear for men... no big deal ;-)

Derek and Romaine posing with the beautiful, real life Barbie Doll known only as the fabulous Amanda Lepore!

This sexy piece of ass right here is Jincey Lumpkin... pioneer of Juicy Pink Box porn ;-)

Derek and Romaine with former boy band sensation Lance Bass aka the newest addition to OutQ!  You can catch him on Friday's for "The Pop Ten" countdown.  It's tearin' up intern Katy's heart that she couldn't be there to meet one of her childhood idols

Here are DNR with Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary!  It was a pleasure having him in studio.

And last, but certainly not least, Derek and Romaine pose with the smokin' hot Victoria Zdrok and her equally stunning husband.  If looks could rule the world....

So now that you bitches have a taste of the gorgeous and glamourous guests who grace us here at Derek and Romaine, I'd just like to say that I am having an AWESOME second semester here with everyone.  While I'm continuing to learn various tasks associated with the preparations and inner workings of a radio show, I'm also learning so many fasinating things about sexuality, gender, LGBT issues, and LGBT culture.  I'm incredibly priviledged to have landed and internship here with OutQ because I'm learning more than I could ever possibly learn in school. From pop culture to modern day civil rights to sex education, I know I will be leaving this internship with knowledge that most people never obtain within a lifetime.

So I just want to extend gratitude and thanks to Derek, Romaine, Amber, Katie, iShaq, and even Hedda Lettuce (my favorite reoccuring guest!!) for all of these opportunities.  I assure you guys that even after I graduate from my internship, I will not let all of the things I've learned go to waste =)

--Katy the Intern

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