Sunday, July 21, 2013

2014 DNR Show Listener Cruise

You've heard us talking about it and maybe you are thinking of coming along, but you aren't quite sure. Well, let me take a moment to spell it all out for you.

On March 15, 2014, Derek and Romaine and a bunch of listeners will set sail on the Caribbean Princess for a week of fun on the high seas and we want you to come along. This is our second DNR Cruise and we had such a good time, we couldn't wait to do it again. This time, we are sailing out of Houston and visiting the Western Caribbean. Prices start at just $749 per person!

Don't worry. Derek and Romaine are not the Captains.
We are not charging a premium to sail with us. The price you see on the Princess website is the price you will pay to join us. To help us organize our group (and make sure that everyone in our group is counted as part of it), we ask that you book your travel through The Cruise Boys. This will ensure you are invited to all DNR events on the ship, dinner seatings and more. If you are an existing Princess cruiser, be sure to let them know when booking. They will arrange everything for you, including giving you an itinerary of events and activities with Derek and Romaine and the other listeners.

This is a group sailing on a larger ship, so we are not taking over the whole ship. If the thought of an all-gay cruise scares you, or you are straight and love the show but aren't sure this is for you, don't worry. Everyone is welcome in our friendly group. As you will see from the comments and photos in the DNR Cruises group on Facebook, the listeners who joined us the first time out became very close and built friendships that will last a lifetime. Like summer camp, but with booze. 

Some of the first brave pioneers on our inaugural cruise in 2013. 
Even though there will be something every single day with Derek and/or Romaine, we encourage you to make the cruise your own. You can book excursions, explore the activities on the ship, and have an adventure all your own. We invite you to look over the amenities of the ship and the ports of call and find the parts of the ship and voyage that interest you. For instance, Romaine loves the casino! And karaoke. But mostly the casino.

Romaine's muster station was the casino. So convenient!
If you have any questions about the cruise, feel free to ask Robert at The Cruise Boys and he can answer whatever logistical questions you have. If you want to know more about what it is like to sail with Derek and Romaine, ask any of the listeners in the DNR Cruises group on Facebook. They will give you the full scoop. If you are a single traveler and are looking for a cabin mate, you can find one in the Facebook group as well.

But most of all, we think that if you have enjoyed laughing along with Derek and Romaine in your car, you will have just as good a time out on the ocean with them. And you'll meet other LGBT and yes straight people just like you who love the show and share your sense of humor and outlook. And all in a relaxed and casual environment. Isn't it time you got away? Join us on the 2014 DNR Cruise! Book today!

That sunset could be yours! Join us in 2014!

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  1. OMG YES, I need another full week of drinking and loads of fun on a ship. YAY! Let's leave from Galveston this time ; ))