Thursday, July 11, 2013

One Month In!!

Hey guys and gals! It's Michelle the intern writing to y'all! So it’s been about a month since I've been interning with the Derek and Romaine show and I absolutely love it! Throughout this month I've learned so much! Being a part of this show has opened up a whole new world for me! I've gotten to learn all the work it takes to produce a show and I've gotten to meet some awesome guests! One of the things I love about this show is that almost everyday there is a guest! It keeps the show entertaining and it's always nice to see a new face in the studio.

There have been so many guests in this past month that I've enjoyed each and everyone of them. I would have to say my top favorite guests would be, Miss Tiger, Alec Mapa and Scott Thorson, trust me there’s many more but these were the first few that I could remember!

Miss Tiger has to be one of the funniest bitches I have ever met! I've met Miss Tiger in the studio a few times and it’s been one the funniest times! When Miss Tiger is in the studio it’s always a good time!

Alec Mapa I sadly haven’t met in person but we did have him on the show via phone. He was also one of the funniest guest in my opinion! The entire interview was so funny, not to mention he was calling us from Disney Land!

Scott Thorson, well enough said! When I found out we were having him on the show with us, I almost couldn’t believe it! It was interesting to hear what he had to say about his experiences and his opinion on the movie: Behind the Candelabra.

One of the best days here was last week; we went on a field trip to the museum of sex! It was my first time actually going to this museum but I was super excited to go. We got invited to Fun Factory’s event promoting their new product the Stronic. It was a lot of fun to see their new products and we also got to explore the museum!


It's crazy to think that it's already been a month here with the gang at Derek and Romaine. I must say, there's not one day I don't want to come here. Everyday is another adventure here. I keep learning new things and meeting new people and it's a time that I'm cherishing. Although I still have two months left here at the Derek and Romaine show, the days are going by so quick I feel like before a blink of an eye it’s going to be over and my days won’t be filled with Sexpert questions and Derek’s laugh.

Well I’ll keep everyone updated with how the rest of my summer here at the Derek and Romaine show goes!

Peace and Love
Michelle =)
                           Photo: Sums up my week here: beautiful sunset and I got to meet Scott thorson, liberace's former lover and Dennis hoff, owner of the bunny ranch. And yes that's one of the bunnies on the far rightPhoto: On break. #siriusxm #intern #myview

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