Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tips for the 4th of July

Hey bitches, did you catch Wade Williams on the show. Here are his 4th of July tips:

1) Make anything you can the night before! So you won't have to slave away in the kitchen the day of the party.

2) Get decor items that you can use again. Instead of buying flower arrangements, go to your local nursey and get small potted plants. This way you can use them for your party and plant them in your garden later.

3)If you w...ant to add a special touch to your Summer Party. Make a specialty cocktail, which you can serve in a large jug or pitchers. Prepare several batched the night before. Fresh juices are abundant! Go for a unique flavor like (watermelon, strawberry or lime). Now you won't need a bartender!

4) Why should you make everything? Decrease your stress level by having each guest prepare their favorite dish. But no Ambrosia Salads...Please!! Specify that the dish contain no (Creams or Mayonnaise). You don't want to give your guest food poisoning.

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