Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fundex Games--

These guys have more cool games then you have time to play...believe us!!!
Fundex Games, Ltd., founded in 1986, is a privately-held company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company produces a wide range of board games, dice games and card games, including award-winning Alfredo’s Food Fight™, Monster Under My Bed™, Highrise™ and top-seller, Phase 10®, for mass and specialty retailers in North America. Fundex also has a line of outdoor products including Recreaction Games and swimming pool games.
Mission Statement
At Fundex Games, Where fun comes firstWe listen, anticipate and act with a sense of urgency to the needs of our customers, colleagues and suppliers.
We are focused, efficient and disciplined as individuals and as a company.
We are an innovative, fun and caring organization.
A Ballot Box of Fun! This secret ballot game will keep you guessing so vote early and vote often! Players vote by answering a question and placing a Yes or No reply disc in the secret envelope and dropping it into the ballot box. Honesty counts, so answer truthfully. Then predict how many Yes answers are in the box. Guessing the correct number or coming closest to it wins you big points. So get out and rock the vote!

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