Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Roof To Ground Rainwater Solutions

How cool is this?? Another listener owned company and this product is not only beautiful but also great for the environment too!! So when you are dome have sex with all your dirty toys you can do something nice with this one!!
In addition to rainwater harvesting containers, we are one of a very few suppliers of garden irrigation products known by Hispanic cultures as ollas. These items were historically used by indigenous peoples in the American Southwest, and there is evidence of their use in the desert regions of Africa and China. While most effective as a water conservation method in arid zone gardens, they are also useful in wetter climates since they remove the guesswork out of how much to water and when. Because ollas slowly leach water through the porous clay they supply plants with a constant, regulated volume of water. A gardener can leave town or forget to water for days at a time and remain confident the plant has water available.
Check our website for rain container information and the Underground Rain page of for more information on ollas. We will also have a listing on eBay in the Home & Garden > Watering > Equipment section as a purchasing option.

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