Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Great games for the stocking!!

What is Christmas without spending time with friends and family?? Hasbro has donated some of the most classic games from our childhood to help us have a season of nostalgia (after this shitty year--we need it!!). So be a kid again and have fun!!!
BATTLESHIP has been redesigned in 2009 to add more excitement to the classic ship-sinking adventure. Naval warriors plot their coordinates and mark hits and misses on a double-sided grid as they try to defeat their enemy’s fleet. Players are also charged with saving a crewmember deserted on an island in this updated edition. Lift the coordinate partition to uncover successful hits and ultimately declare victory – or defeat.CLUE Secrets & Spies Can you prove yourself as the world's ultimate spy? Agent Black- CLUE most notorious spy- is plotting, and it's up to you to stop him! Go undercover as an international agent to foil his schemes by completing missions and attending secret meetings. Scan with your spy light to uncover a secret, or check your cell phone for a Spy Text that could help or hinder your game. Your assignments will take you all over the world, so stay ahead of the other agents and earn the title of Ultimate Spy!
JENGA MAX introduces a new element of dexterity to the classic game of stacking and suspense. This all-new way to play JENGA is a true test of agility as players hook or hang plastic blocks onto each other without upsetting the balance and tipping over the wobbly tower. Build the structure up, straight out, or over the top, but be careful not to max it out! The player that causes the structure to crash, loses.

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