Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jock Soap

These guys have your back to look and smell amazing...this is also a great gift for any man in your life...can't wait for all the lucky listeners to get their hands on these great products!!
The Jock Soap Company grooming simplified Thanks for checking out Jock Soap. Our goal is to supply you with the most effective grooming products on the planet. Designed to provide you with real results, each of our products makes the most efficient use of your time, simplifies your life and leaves you looking and feeling great. Although men's grooming products have been around forever, most are created by women -- who don't really know what it feels like to reside within a guy's body. Due to this very reason, I developed Jock Soap's namesake product -- a man-sized bar of glycerin soap, made with male-specific, natural ingredients and enhanced with a "studly" scent that guarantees you a great shower and, quite possibly, a great day. Jock soap became so popular that I developed a comprehensive portfolio of like-minded products just for guys. Each is designed to satisfy a male-oriented grooming need. And all are created to simplify the grooming process along the way. With that said, I invite you to discover the manly line of products only available at Jock Soap.
AMP UP Hydrating Eye Recovery Complex Good For All Guys, Look alert!Jock Soap's AMP UP is an intensive eye treatment that tightens under eye "bags" and reduces fine lines around the eye area. Use as often as needed. Works instantaneously.
At Jock Soap we try our very best to do the right thing. That means something different to everyone. But to us it means to evaluate everything we do to see if we can do better and if we can help our fellow man and planet as we conduct or daily business.We constantly look for ways to improve our packaging to reduce waste and do everything we can to not destroy the environment in the process. We also recycle packing materials whenever it’s appropriate – so don’t be surprised if you get a mix of colors with the packing peanuts in your order.Skin Cancer has taken its toll on members of our company and their families so we will always take an active role in educating our clients on the damage that sun exposure can cause.The Jock Soap Company, Inc. is committed to doing the absolute best we can do in everything we do. Please trust that we care about you, our client, and the world around us. We won’t stop trying to do the right thing.

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