Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2009 Listener Survey


Each year, Derek and Romaine spends one week compiling a listener survey to better understand who listens to the show and look for ways to improve it. It is time once again for your help in making DNR better. Please click here now to take the annual listener survey. It is a quick and easy list of questions and should only take a couple of minutes. With your help, we can make the show not suck! Please take the time to fill out this ANONYMOUS listener survey.
HURRY!! The annual listener survey ends on August 12th!


  1. i NEVER do surveys, but i just did yours! Love the show as I am on my way to save lives, it brightens my day!

  2. I seldom do surveys. I enjoyed doing this one as I know that you appreciate the feedback from listeners. LOVE LOVE LOVE DNR

  3. Hopefully, you'll see my comments as constructive... I am a big fan of the show!

  4. Romaine I love you. Derek I tolerate you to hear Romaine! LEADER OF THE GAYS!

    Ej North Carolina

  5. That survey was short and sweet like Romaine! Not long and bitter like Derek. I kid! I kid!