Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Is Derek Eating?

I have talked on the show about my Fit N Fresh container and how I bring my lunch to work most days. So I thought I would take a picture of my lunch today. Yes, it's a little but I am sure some of you are curious.

So I made a pastrami sandwich on toasted sourdough with jalapeno cheddar cheese. In the little containers, I made a faux creme fraiche with some fat free vanilla yogurt, blueberries and sliced strawberries. Sometimes I throw some crushed walnuts on top. The other container is a small salad with diced tomatoes and crumbled bleu cheese. Instead of dressing I just threw on some extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and some fresh ground pepper.


  1. That looks tasty! Is that enough food to fill you up Derek? And I hope your kitchen counter is as clean as your house looks. I don't want you to get Cholera.

  2. Holy delicious! Wanna make me lunch? Okay...eww. That just sounded like a really bad pick up line at some kind of daddy bar.

    Forget I asked. Just give me half your sandwich.

  3. Killer dressing: 1 oz balsamic vinegar, 1 heaping tbsp hummus (Sabra brand is the best for this purpose), mix well then mix with a chopped up small Heirloom tomato. Creamy and delicious!