Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Behind the scenes

As many of you know on Monday's show while Derek was away I did a behind the scenes look at life at Sirius/ XM Radio. So I thought since it has been a while since I did a blog entry I would talk a little bit about what happens behind the scenes at our show.

Most days start at about 1pm. That's when Mistress Sam gets to work to start her magic. Sam is really a master of all trades. She books all of our guests, helps maintain all of the editing and over sees Greg and the intern. All of this while dealing with the crazy egos of Derek and Romaine! And that is really over simplifying things. I can't even begin to tell you all the things Sam does, but I do know this by the time I arrive at work she is hip deep in her tasks for the day. In fact, I think the only time she leaves her desk is when she has to pee or go grab dinner!

Meanwhile, Greg is often at his desk working on one of many editing jobs. He pulls all of the clips and pieces them together for any "best of" show that is played while we are away. He also puts together all of the little promos about our show that you hear on OutQ throughout the day. Oh yeah and he works on all the show imaging like in the intros and re-joiners that you hear all the time! And when he isn't busy with all of that he can be found helping Sam out or working with the Intern. But let's not kid ourselves he also spends a lot of time sneaking away for an afternoon cigarette. ewww.

I come into the office most days between 3-4 depending on how quickly I can get Romie out of the house that day. When I get to the office the first thing I do is check in with Sam. I make sure she has everything she needs for the show that night and I answer any booking questions she has for later in the week. Then I make my way to my office. I spend a few minutes getting the show logs updated and I check my email. If I have a specific task to get down that day (which I often do) I hop to it. My current tasks include: Getting ready for the Stocking promotion, Breaking down data from the 1st half of the year on our show...among some top secret tasks I can't even tell you about.

Derek tends to arrive at one of three times. On days we have meetings he is there some time just before 4pm. But most days he gets in at either 4:30 or 5:30 depending on which train he catches into the city. I can't tell you exactly what he does because to be honest we try not to spend very much time talking "off air". We save as much as we can for the radio show. But I do know that Derek is responsible for booking all of our travel dates and all the who ha that comes with that job. He also is the one that writes the newsletter every week. So he tends to keep himself pretty busy.

Have any questions about life behind the scenes? Leave a comment and I will see if I can answer them for you.


  1. What do you guys generally eat at the show? Is there a Sirius cafeteria, or are y'all on your own to fill your gobs every day?

    Also, do you guys generally stay in your seats during the broadcast, or is it as crazy as I expect?

    Just curious. Thanks for the look behind the speakers!

  2. Huh. I always wondered what Greg did besides offer inane comments throughout the show.

  3. WOW romaine I LOVE the way you make it seem derek doesn't spend enough time working on the show. LOL osidedavey.

  4. Phil - Door County, WisconsinAugust 5, 2009 at 12:57 PM

    Thanks Romaine! I appreciate the insight. Phil

  5. Daveoside...that is not what I was doing at all. I simply said I don't know exactly what he does because we don't talk much before the show. I'm sure if Derek wants to fill in any blanks for the listeners he will.

  6. This Monday's 'behind the scenes' show was really good!!

  7. Justin-- I am here to answer your questions. Sirius has a small kitched with free soda and a vending machine that's about it. Derek often brings his own lunch but on many occasions we just buy our lunch at one of the many food places near the office.

    During the show we tend to sit in our chairs but every once in a while we get a little crazy and jump out of em.