Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Derek and Romaine from a Trucker Perspective!

Hey Bitches! When I called in tonight to thank The Bitches for the opportunity to be a part of their show blog here at DNRShow.net. Romaine said something that made me think, she said that it would be interesting to have a Trucker's Perspective.
I thought about it and realized the only people who would find that interesting would be other truckers, so I first need to tell you Bitches what it's like to be a Truck Driver and what truckers mean to you.

First of all, for me, driving a truck is the best job in the world. Where else can you sit on your ass 12 hours a day, make plenty of money and be able to listen to Derek and Romaine (besides SiriusXM that is). A lot of us Trucker Bitches are Over The Road Drivers, that means we spend days, weeks and some of us months driving around the country sleeping in a space the size of a small closet, (No Mary, you don't have room for 400 pairs of shoes). It can suck though to not a have social life or have the time or opportunity to meet someone special, but that's why Derek and Romaine go to Pride Events and Festivals (do you actually think it's for themselves? No Bitches, they hit the road for us). I could go on and on about being a trucker, but you get the gist.

What truckers mean to you...Everything you own, use, consume or even just fucking take for granted came on a truck. Unless you are the Unibomber or some hairy arm-pitted, living off the land lesbian in Vermont, it traveled by truck. Your iPhone, your car, your Rolling Rock, everything. Just listen to the Guess My Load call in game the Bitches play on the show and you will realize all the crazy shit we haul. Now that you Bitches know a little about truckers and what we do go find one and give him/her oral sex (I mean a thank you).

How Derek and Romaine fit into a trucker's day is very important. The non-trucker Bitches really only get to listen to the show on their way home from work, or in between meetings at the office. The truckers get to listen to the whole fucking show every day (and even the Best Of's). Where a person with a normal schedule gets to go out with their friends for cocktails and catch Grey's Anatomy on TV, most of us truckers turn off our phones, we tune into Koffee Klatch and The Happy Hour as a sort of surrogate to meeting up with our friends for a drink. Some of us call in to Desperately Fucking Angry to vent our (sometimes misplaced) frustration and pissyness, some of us call into What's Your Gay Problem, sometimes with pointless dribble (Jeremiah) and sometimes with heartfelt problems dealing with sexual identity because there is no one else we will ever talk to about it. And some of us just call in to hit on Greg the Cupcake. All of this is why Derek and Romaine is now a GLAAD Award Winning Radio Show.

We, the truckers, were the first to take notice of The Bitches' raunchy, in your face, full frontal assault on normalcy, and we'll still be listening when SiriusXM has to cancel the show because there isn't another possible fart joke or porn star to be interviewed (like that will ever happen).

Trucker James
(the picture above IS my truck)


  1. So between, Michelle, GM and now James we get to waste time reading about them and not the show?? I guess if you miss part of the show you just miss it cause no one is able to tell us about it without pulling a Tyra and then forgetting what they are blogging on here for....WOW! 'Nony

  2. Thanks Trucker James for sharing your persepctive with the rest of us landbound folks. I appreciate that, and I look forward to your particular brand of blog all the while you're with the bitches!

  3. Way to go James! I like how you approached this from our side.... the truckers perspective! Keep up the good work!

  4. Jesus now you're asking for head on a blog!?

    Pig Fucker

  5. Trucker James i have to say that as another driver you basicly hit it on the head. My radio is tuned into outq from the time i get up. I am one of these drivers that are out here on the road for months at a time. I look forward to your future entries. I think it nice to have listners do this blog its great. Keep the shiny side up and dirty side down.CERTAFIABLE

  6. AMEN! I have been driving a truck for 7 months and listening to DNR for about the same. Trucker James is right, when DNR comes on the phone gets shut off and it is like getting to listen to my crazy family for the night. Trucker Tom in Tennessee

  7. Thanks Certafiable, Trucker Torri and Justin for the great comments, but if you like what I have to say make sure you tell the Bitches to keep me around, I would love to do a lot more trucker specific posts, but I only have 5 days!!!

  8. Finally a truckers REAL perspective of the day to day heap of crap that we as drivers have to put up with. Sometimes I feel that not only do I have to drive my truck but all the vehicles around me. So many times we save the lives of everyday people rolling along talking on their cell phones, reading their mail, texting, putting on make up, etc....and they don't even have a clue that the only reason that they make it safely to their driveways that they have the professional drivers out there to thank. And as they lay down for the night that we are still out there Driving down the highways delivering our various types freight all over the country. Keep up the good work and sometime we all should try to start a forum for all the DNR drivers can keep in touch. Thanks again Driver Jon

  9. HEY BITCHES!! well trucker james, right said! i love this job! i love to listen to dnr, and most of the time i dont get to listen to it live. I set my stilletto to record it, and when im drving overnight, it really keeps me going. it would be great to hear a truckers spin on here.