Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday's Koffee Klatch

Hey Bitches, before I talk about the show I want to say something to Anonymous, the mysterious commentator here on The Official Derek and Romaine Show Blog. COME OUT OF THE CLOSET!!! First, you complain, over and over, that Michelle, GM and myself talk about ourselves. Well, I will agree with you, to a point. If this were just a show recap, what's the point in having listeners recycle every part of the show? They have interns that could do that. I really don't think it would be all that interesting to not know anything about the person who is posting. I mean, would you rather Anderson Cooper just stick to the news and not talk about his love of Beyonce? No, you wouldn't. If you're here just for a show recap, my advice is, pay the $12.95 per month and actually listen to the show, or SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

Ok, tonight's Koffee Katch, started out kinda mellow, then the crazies came out of the woodwork like it was Friday at 8:30, we had bi polar calls from G.M. in Philly, Ryan in CT, Stanton in Austin, Trucker Patty, Jarrod in LA, and Michelle in SF. All of these calls had their own brand of crazy, from Ryan realizing (about 6 years too late) that Derek is the best looking host on all of OutQ to Stanton trying to "technically" (bullshit) explain why he doesn't blog on the Official Show Blog here at DNRShow.net. G.M. was his usually Lithium-free high energy self and Michelle, well, Michelle was Michelle. And Derek did not disappoint, every one of these calls ended in our beloved dial tone.

The Bitches told Lowgear that Kevin in Minnesota was starting a thread on the message boards on RFamilyVacations.com to tell the tons of listeners who going how to prepare and what to take on the R Family Vacations Alaskan Cruise July 11th through the 18th. So, everyone should take a vacation with The Bitches this summer.

I just want to thank Lowgear and Trucker Tori for the nice comments they made to Derek and Romaine about my first blog post. It's nice to know someone is reading.

Well, it was a quite an hour, looking forward to the next hour Bitches.

Trucker James


  1. yes! why would you post such nasty shit if your gonna hide behind your words?

  2. How about that for a fuckin' HOOT-and-a-HALF!! ROFLMFAO!!!! That ^ there is just GENIUS, pure and simple! Hahahaha, if this were a bloggers compitition I would have to wrap up, and pack my bags right here and now!! WOW, I'm still rolling!! haha

    Great Job Trucker James!!

    (A+ on calling out "Anon" btw, I tried to rebutt him on the article but you summed it up and wrapped it in a bow!)

  3. Well done, Trucker James. Way to call out those who hide behind an anonymous label.

  4. Hey Trucker James. My only complaint about this post would be too many K's. It's getting dangerously close to the third one. Let's not turn this into the Krusty mistake on the Simpsons. ;-)