Monday, March 30, 2009


Hey Bitches! I am sitting in a truck stop about to listen to Monday night's show. I will try to be thorough, since I can blog as the show unfolds. If in the future, if I have to be driving during the show, it might not be as complete!

The show started off with Derek and Romaine talking about being at the GLAD awards. The gay media was bowing and scraping and falling all over themselves to interview closet gays and that sterling example of gayness- GAYKIN (better known as Clay Aiken)! Bravo to Derek for calling attention to star struck media reporters who truly should be paying attention to people in the community who are true role models, instead of trying to fully insert their coiffed heads into the asses of those who truly are not worthy! Derek is so right when he talks about "holding our own people to the fire" to make the things that need to happen, happen! I got chills hearing Romaine say "get out there on the front lines" and reminding us about how effective she and her angels were against that evil, sick, twisted Fred Phelps! After Lisa (she and Baby Daddy are regular callers who are straight and very supportive of our community) called in, Romaine reminded us how we need to cultivate our straight allies. From my perspective one of the most important things we can do to make this happen is to finally get it through our heads that in order to achieve equality, we need to put forward a cohesive community-not a bunch of self-agrandizing prima donas!

Tom Goss
 was the bitches' first guest promoting his new album, "Back To Love" . The former seminarian, who was cured of Christianity while attending seminary, talked about being in love, getting married and buying a house. Oh to be so young and full of the future again. I have been there, though, and it is a lovely place to be. Tom performed a sweet and simple love song ("Till The End") that was an ode to his boyfriend/fiance'. You can learn more about Tom at

Next, was the inside dish at the awards-Romaine ran up the stairs in her comfotable lesbian shoes, while Derek escourted the absolutely gorgeous, stilleto clad (a girl after my own heart) Katie up the stairs. As much as he wanted to crack a joke, Derek kept the dignity of the moment. He decided to save his best remarks for us bitches! The thermostat at the facility was not set correctly for the weather, so a hot and sweaty time was had by all!

Then Ryan in Connecticut called in. He was focused and articulate. It was AWFUL! I love our crazy, hot mess Ryan in Connecticut and I want him back! Then we heard from Enrique wanting to know where the pictures of Certifiable's truck were. Derek said to check out the official show website, , but it's not there-LOL. Certifiable sent it to Derek and he is not exactly sure where it is. Maybe he will find it and post it!

And then. . . .Derek's dad hitting on Romaine's friend Kristin-OMG! According to Derek, the always outrageous Hedda Lettuce,who was sitting between Derek and Romaine at the table at the GLAD awards, deserves an award for best off, off, off, off, off , broadway show for her performance at the Cineplex.

The best moment at the awards, according to Derek, occurred whe a guy came up to him who was at the GayVN Awards last year and told them that this special was a much better direction for Derek and Romaine to go in! Romaine should have punched him! They were awesome at the GayVNs! However, I think the best moment really was when the Battlestar Gallactica publicist told Derek they should have lunch. How far will Derek go for Battlestar Gallactica memorabilia???

Romain summed up the GLAD Award night as having a crummy time on the red carpet, but a great time hanging out with Hedda Lettuce.

Next-Mailbag Monday! Romaine started off by complaining that no one e-mails her anymore-could that be because she doesn't answer her e-mail? However, she managed to come up with a couple. Also, bitches, if you got your newsletter, obviously "Jennifer Brown" was a typo. Falcon does not have female exclusive. It is actually one of our favorite hunky, hot mess celebrity co-hosts, Eric Rhodes!

Derek will have a surprise announcement regarding something happening in the southwest the first week of May, that a listener will be invited to join. More information will be out by the end of the week.

Jay in Kentucky wrote asking about the bitches appearing at Phoenix Pride which will be April 18-19. They will be there, tipsy or sober!

Derek Price called in to talk about the drunk guy that mistook our Derek for him at the GLAD awards. He admitted that he had been with the guy once and had passed out on him, once upon a time!!! The gays just love their fun and games!!

Romaine is going to Dinah this week! Wow! She feels like it has snuck up on her and she is not ready, but I firmly believe she is up for the challenge. She will hook up there with the Frank DeCaro show's own Doria Biddle. They will be there for the whole weekend. Friday's Frank DeCaro show starting at 11:00am eastern, 8:00am west coast, will feature Derek as Frank's co-host and then the DNR show, starting at 6:00 pm eastern, 3:00pm west coast, will be the Doria and Romaine show, live from Dinah. Our own Greg the cupcake will be with the girls in Palm Springs-how will he deal with all those drunk, half naked lesbians!!!

While waiting for the next guess, Steve called in all bummed about being single-Derek and Romaine gave a great pep talk. I think Steve has been calling in since I have been listening with the same problem. He has a great life, but no boyfriend. Keep looking Steve. And then there was the one and only Super Fag being sweet and sincere talking about being happy with his husband half the time and figuring out how to off him for the life insurance!

And then. . . . Gainesville Florida upholds anti-discrimination rights! A caller outs a guy he doesn't know to a girl he does-she thinks he is straight. How will it play out, stay tuned . . . .

The next guest was Carolyn Hennessy
, who plays Diane Miller , the mob lawyer and bed partner of Sonny Corinthos on "General Hospital" and who's latest book is "Pandora Get's Lazy", the third in the Pandora series. Carolyn says there will be seven in the series. It is a series for young people aged 8 and up. Romaine discussed with her how they compare with J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" series and Carolyn noted that J.K. Rowling paved the way for her and single handedly raised the literacy rate in the world. Look for her in the upcoming "Cougartown" on ABC, with Courtney Cox-Arquette where she plays a real estate agent by day and and oversexed cougar at night.

Do some celebrities get rejected for the DNR show, just ask Dominick, Carolyn Hennessy's publicist who is also the publicist for Michelle Clooney. But, will he really bring someone to the show from the movie "Angels and Demons"?? Stay tuned!

Lesson for the night-don't leave your nudie pics in a taxi cab, Bobbie might find them!

Tomorrow is Romaine's 31'st birthday-what will her presents be??

Okay bitches, this is it for my first show blog. I tried to highlight what I found interesting. I will be interested in your feedback.

Love and Hugs - Trucker Patti


  1. Hey! Tomorrow's Romaine's birthday?! Ack, talk about sneaking up from behind!!!

    She should have posted a reminder on Friday, but she's not that great with that kind of stuff. She'll just have to look for a belated gift from her "annoying, time-suck" GM

    Trucker Patti, as I mentioned in your other "1st" post I think you're doing a wonderful job, keep up the great work. So far you're upholding the GOLD standard that James had set for us! (lol)

  2. Whew....I need a massage after that reading.....lookin good Patti!!! 'Nony

  3. That felt like a play-by-play, Patti! Great work on the details, but perhaps a "highlights" section or version would be good.

  4. Those are the GLAAD awards not the GLAD awards. The former deal with media issues, pro and anti-gay. The latter (GLAD) is one of the legal arms of LGBT, the group responsible for Same Sex Marriage in Massachusetts and the latest Supreme Court Challenge to DOMA, among other things.

    Just so your reader's understand the difference