Friday, March 6, 2009

Get Involved!

We have appreciated all of the listeners who participated in the missions to get the word out about the show over the past few weeks. It has all been an amazing success. We are getting tons of emails and calls to the show from new listeners on XM (as well as SIRIUS). It is great to see our listeners be so enthusiastic about the show, and we want to encourage you to be just as enthusiastic in other positive ways out in the world.

Earlier this week, a listener named Jason in Bakersfield, CA wrote to me with concern about a local AIDS services organization called "Ricky's Retreat." The building they have been using for years is facing foreclosure and they are trying to raise money to buy the building and save this vital local organization. They will take all donations or offers of help, big or small, so visit their website for more information.

Then last night, I got an update from my sexy and altruistic friend Barton Brooks who is in the midst of his 52 week tour around the world helping people in developing countries. Barton has been on the show a few times and Romaine has even been pushing for us to date! But you can't very well date someone who is half way around the world, so that notion will need to be tabled for the time being. However, you can donate, big and small, to his effects as he trots the globe. His strategy in a nutshell: visit localities in the developing world, find out what they need (clean water, school supplies, a boat) and then get that for them. It is a very localized, community by community strategy (sometimes house to house), unlike the one size fits all programs that many other non-profits deliver. Plus, you can read through his blog and when he has a project you might like to help fund or help fund, just write to him and tell him how you want to help. Frankly, it's pretty cool. Check it out now at

I know times are tough and we are already asking for your $12.95 each month to listen to our filthy mess of a show. Now the non-profits of the world are facing a real crisis these days, especially with so many corporate sponsors pulling back on their funding. So even if it is a little, it can make a difference. We appreciate you listening to the show and we appreciate you helping to make the world better for others when you can. Thanks!


  1. Andre On Long IslandMarch 6, 2009 at 9:33 AM

    I have to be honest Derek it is very hard to give at this time. Between the house and possibly taking a pay cut at work it is hard already to make ends meet. That is why I volunteer my time in the area I live in.

  2. Yeah, Derek I agree it is getting harder to give any money at this time, but do love you and Romaine. Your show means alot to me.