Tuesday, March 17, 2009

R Family Vacations

Okay, so I promised a blog entry on last night's show and here we go....

LAst night we made and exciting announcement on the show. You may recall that last year we were invited by Rosie to come aboard the R Family Cruise that traveled up the New England states and into Canada. The whole show jumped at the opportunity to see what the trip was all about. We recorded 2 shows on the boat and sent them back to the studios to be replayed later in the week. Neither Derek nor I knew what to expect when we boarded the boat. I knew I was in for a "Family" adventure I wouldn't soon forget because I had Iris and a 1 year old Romie with me. Derek got on the boat as a single gay man worried about fitting in with a bunch of family types. And Mistress Sam got on as one of the few straight women on the boat, well so she thought.

Once aboard we soon realized that it didn't matter if you were gay, straight, single, coupled or had kids or not. Everyone on the boat was there to have a good time and boy did they ever! 

Check out a few pictures from last year's trip!
That's Romie with Ross Matthew's!
Derek and I in our first few minutes on the boat. Don't we look happy?
Iris, Romie and I on top of some dumb mountain. Iris made me go. 
Here we are getting ready to do the show on the boat!

If you have listened to the show at all for the last year you have heard me say time and time again I would be getting on the R Family Cruise again this year no matter what! Well, it seems that the whole show will be going again!! We will be recording 2 shows live on the boat for listeners who are aboard. Listeners at home will get to hear them later that week. This cruise is an Alaska cruise that leaves from Seattle. I can't wait!! They are doing early bird specials on the R Family website right now so if you are looking for a fun week this summer you should totally consider joining us! I promise it is an adventure you won't soon forget!


  1. That sounds so fun! If we weren't already booked for a vacation this year, I'd totally plan to come along.

  2. So cute! Derek looks like a daddie...I bet he would be a gr8 dad.

  3. Romaine! Blogging AND links AND pictures! You've gotten so fancy! :)