Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday's Show Recap

Hey Bitches, tonight's show had a lot of fun guests that had tons of great info for the listeners. In the first hour, Kelli O'Donnell and Gregg Kaminski from RFamilyVacations came in to talk about the RFamily Vacations Alaskan Cruise that sets sail July 11th -18th. Derek, Romaine, Mistress Sam, Betty, Iris and a hordes of listeners (including myself) will be going this summer, so grab your stylish glasses and your rifle (not really) bitches, we are going to see if we can see Russia. If you need more info on how to prepare or what to expect head over to RFamilyForums and chat with some of the other listeners that are going.

In the second hour, Thomas Neiss from Pride Pro Wrestling called in to tell The Bitches about the first ever GLBT professional wrestling organization. They are having their first event XSViolence at Club XS in York, PA on Saturday March 28th. So, put on your spandex unitard and go check it out. Don't worry, if you can't make it to PA, they are planning on taking it on tour, watch the website for upcoming dates.

Melora Hardin, Jan from NBC's Hit Show The Office sat down with The Bitches to talk about her directorial debut of the film YOU, a heartfelt story about what might happen if you lost your soulmate.(sounds like you need a box of tissues), The movie will be available later this month on Itunes, Amazon and For more info on Melora Hardin just click her name and go check out her website.

What's Your Gay Problem posed some serious questions for Derek and Romaine tonight and they dished out some of the best advice I've personally ever heard. To start Bob in MD called into to ask for permission to dump his high-powered partner whom he just found out likes to wear diapers and act like a baby. Melissa in KY called in to give some advice to Bob, drawing his attention to website, to understand his partner better. A new first time caller, Lisa, called in to find out if she is gay (if you have to ask honey) and is worried that she will have to break up her family to find her true self. The Bitches were very supportive and gave her some damn good advice. Enrrrrrique called in to realize that he shouldn't throw away friendships over internalized homophobia, Richard from somewhere (sorry) called in because since his coming out, his Bitch Sister won't let him see his nephews, because since he's gay, he'll molest them. Derek really gave it to Richard, saying that he should tell his sister that if she is worried about the kids being molested that she should really keep them away from straight men, "CAUSE THAT'S WHO'S MOLESTING KIDS".

Diana Cage was fashionably late for The Happy Hour, but I do know that she is now an Editor at GO Magazine, the nation's largest lesbian publication. (You Go Girl). She and Emma (her beau for almost a year) have been doing a video blog series on, check it out and get your Lesbaincentric fix that you're dying for. After we plugged everything that the Incomparable Miss Cage is doing these days, we found out she was wearing tights with no underwear and then she got a lot of love from regular DCShow callers like Trucker Patti, Andre on LI, Robin in CA, Pierre in MO, Driver John and others. If you are wondering what Diana is up to, go to her website, become her Facebook and/or Myspace friend, she would really love to hear from you. Then's very own G.M. in Philly ended the show just like it began, with a little bit of crazy and Derek and Romaine's first ever double and triple dial tones for poor G.M. It was an awesome end to an incredible show. See you tomorrow Bitches.

Trucker James


  1. James, I hope I'm not putting you to sleep with my unending SONGS OF PRAISE! This is the most comprehensive entry you provided the bitches, and I just have to say YET AGAIN...


    Surprised to see that 'A-non' hasn't blasted it yet, maybe he's tired of singing the same old tune post after post! haha

    And don't you worry about that double (then amazing TRIPLE) dialtone I got. IT WAS AN HONOR to be the first nutbag he broke out that amazing crowdpleaser!!! Derek's better stop by the way...

    I think my ego may just EXPLODE!!

    Great post as always Trucker James, you're a definite SHOE-IN to be a SUPER-STAR BLOGGER!!

  2. Ah, thanks GM, as far as Anon goes, If he thinks he can do a better job, he should just throw his hat into the ring. Again, all the praise, you may continue, the only thing I like more than listening to Derek and Romaine is hearing about myself. Thanks GM

  3. Well well well.....seems I may have hit a nerve or two. James has been doing an awesome job....this is the way bloggin is done sweet GM, oh wait I forgot you have your own show after their show now. GM is starting to sound like old intern Bobby....are you a power bottom as well. I digress, I thought George in San Fransisco was the first caller? Anyway...the problems were handle as they always were, No crazy ass callers tonight. I would throw my hat into the ring and blog for them, but it's okay....being 'Nony is fine cause I am much too busy outside of listening.

  4. I swear your like the best guest blogger then the others, use to look at the Blog only once a week, but find myself looking more then once a day. LOL, good job.

    Michael in AZ

  5. Awesome blog post
    Andre on Long Island

  6. Fabulous job Trucker James! This is EXACTLY what they needed!! WONDERFUL!

    Underwater (formerly Michelle) in San Francisco

  7. Ah, shit, thanks for all your wonderful comments this week guys. I really appreciate them, I had never blogged before and found out, that I am actually pretty good at it. A

    Anon, don't flatter yourself. there was a lot of important info to pass along to the bitches, as far as George being the first call, well, a show can recover from a downer about hate crimes, a blog, well, can't. It often sets the tone for what's to follow, not particularly a dark place I want to go, sorry.

    Thanks again everyone


  8. Ohh...I see this was editing to make it fun and exciting for listeners to read. Totally missed the boat on that one then.......So how exactly are you going to blog about the GLADD award they won?? Seeing as how it was based on 10 years later special about the DEATH ofMathew. But your the writer and it's sad that you are editing for everyone else. I knew there had to be a flaw at downing such a "good job" and here I was excited for having a blogger that knew how..... 'Nony