Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

There is a huge blizzard on the east coast and not the kind you get at the Dairy Queen (unfortunately). It is fluffy and white and beautiful outside my house, but also windy and treacherous. So really it's like a drunk drag queen confronting you at a bar for interrupting her show. All wonderful and terrible at the same time. For some reason, this reminds me that Hedda Lettuce is on the show this week. Anyway, I love looking out the window on days like this. It's so Currier and Ives, but going anywhere is a problem. They have cleared the roads a few times but the wind and snow never stop and it looks ten minutes later like civilization ceased completely in the last century. Oh well. Guess we are doing the show from home.

So since it is a snow day, those of you new to the show get to experience Romaine and I using our home studios. We have these studios just in case of a day like this though we have never both been away at the same time. This will be a real test of the quality of our show. Please call in a lot at 866 305 6887 and save us from ourselves! Then again, it is Monday so we should have lots to talk about. Last night's amazing Amazing Race. Battlestar Galactica from Friday, along with another improved episode of Dollhouse (do you think we watch too much TV?) I also finally got around to watching the Heather Locklear Lifetime movie "Flirting With Forty," which is really the kind of movie being a shut-in was designed for.

And what have you been doing with your weekend? Call the show and tell us. If you don't feel the weekend was sufficiently fun, or you are worried about the quality of tonight's show, check out this clip from the ever expanding audio files of Richard Nixon where he reviews the gay episode of "All In The Family" and then goes off on an insanely sensational rant about homosexuality in America that just tickled the crap out of me. Being trapped inside my house with nothing to do but watch TV, I can sympathize with what it must be like to be President.

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  1. Nice, ur lucky. I miss the snow, it is Spring already here in Flagstaff, AZ.