Monday, June 22, 2009

Columbus Pride Pics

Derek couldn't contain himself looking at Trucker Patti's breasts (to the right)

Pimp Daddy Jeremiah from Indiana rolling with his peeps

Derek, Romaine and the yummy Shawn from Columbus

A very drunk and tired Logan from Pittsburgh, (sorry honey, it's the only pic I got before my battery died on my camera)

Truckers Mama Missy and Baby Rachel with Trucker Elise, that was an interesting combination

Derek and Trucker Patti, sounds like a new show to me

Myself and the very cute listener Dallas from Columbus, too bad he's married.

My friend Anna and her reaction when she found out Romaine is in a relationship


  1. Am I the only one that noticed Derek has wet himself in the first pic on the page? Derek Baby, Mommy is always available to change you and/or put you back in fluffy diapers. All you have to do is ask, Baby. Kisses, Mommy Missy

  2. Great photos! Good job James! Wish I was there.

    Take care,

    Eric in BC

  3. I think that's how they show their pride in Columbus... they wet themselves. I am thinking of going next year.

  4. Even drunk and tired, Logan is a good-looker.